Depression 1

People can overcome each depression, including and state of permanent bad mood or which is also known as dysthymia. Fortunately, this bad condition easily can be treated with therapy. The real problem is when people do not pay too much attention to dysthymia and do not seek help on time.

The treatment of dysthymia depends on the individual case. Usually, it combined psychotherapy and antidepressants. The drug therapy of dysthymia continues at least 6-9 months. The therapy is strictly individual and it is up to the health condition of every sufferer. There are several classes of antidepressants that are very effective against dysthymia. Their action is related with the serotonin level in the brain.

Serotonin is a major mediator released in the brain. Serotonin is associated with good mood and confidence. It is very useful and helps people to cope with stress. The mediator suppresses and neutralizes the stress hormones in the body through the metabolism. Low values of serotonin cause permanent bad mood, low stamina, depression and even anxiety disorders. Thanks to drugs which contain serotonin people are able to regain their life tone. This type of antidepressants are not considered hazardous, have no side effects and people will not become addicted for sure.

The first signs of improvement in the condition of people suffering from dysthymia can be seen only after 1-2 months of drug intake. This can be a little bit frustrating and discouraging, but the results will come for sure. That is why people should not stop the therapy after they only several weeks.

Dysthymia can be treated and with different methods of psychotherapy - individual, group, family. The support of another person is very important in the group and family therapies. The emotional contact and help from other people will definitely help everybody to overcome dysthymia and depression. The therapy uses many practical techniques for coping with stressful situations and other difficult life problems. The goal of the method is to restore the normal activity in the social life of the patients.

People also should change their habits and lifestyle a little bit in order to overcome the chronic bad mood. They can improve their diet, physical activity and reduce the bad habits like drinking and smoking. People need to have confidence that they can deal with stressful situations. Their desire to overcome dysthymia is very important. Seeking help from a specialist does not mean people are crazy or something like that. Competent assistance is always better in such cases.

So, seek help from a specialist and you will easily cope with dysthymia. The results will not come immediately, but they will come for sure. The permanent bad mood can be cured, all people will need is strong will and desire for change.