Cartoon Female Meditating

Meditation has been increasingly gaining popularity and even encouraged in the workplace. One may ask "what does meditation do anyway?" This is a great question and us to be revealed throughout this article. Maditation has been know about for centuries and only recently has begun to take on light. lets dive deep and see what some of the benefits that can be attained through this incredible art of relaxation.

Increased Immunity

As science progresses, we are now discovering the implications relaxation has on the body. A study conducted at Ohio State University found that muscular relaxation practised daily reduced the risk of breast cancer, another study showed a month of relaxation exercises gave resistance to tumours and viruses in senior citizens. Above all,  meditation can boost the immune system and science has documented evidence with cancer patients to prove it.

Emotionally Balanced

Being emotionally balanced refers to having the mind reduced of clutter and free of all behaviour that exists from traumatic events or an unhealthy ego. This can be a difficult challenge for some people, but meditation can most certainly help to cure even the most unhealthy emotional states. As the consciousness becomes cleansed of emotional memories not only does one obtain freedom, but also great balance.

Improved Flexibility

University of Western Australia found that females are more likely to conceive when they are in a relaxed state vs. a stressed state. Also, a study at Trakya University found that stress was correlated with reduced sperm counts thus, relaxation can boost male fertility.

Eradicated High Blood Pressure

Harvard Medical School discovered that meditation lowered blood pressure making the body less responsive to stress, similar to how blood pressure medication works. This is quite insightful and perhaps suggest that you can save money on costly medications by simply relaxing.


Emory University stated "stress leads to inflammation, and is linked to heart disease, asthma, arthritis and psoriasis. Relaxation can assist to prevent and treat the symptoms by turning off the stress response switch".


The difference between individuals who meditate and those who choose not to is, the thought occurs but is only witnessed, while for the ordinary mind, the thought occurs and dominates. In both minds, an upsetting thought can occur, but for those who choose to meditate it becomes just another thought, which like a flower will blossom, but quickly die, however, in the ordinary mind the thought ignites a storm that continuously builds momentum.

Tips To Reduce Stress

Harvard researchers found that yoga, meditation, and various other relaxation techniques, when practiced regularly, the more evident the benefits will be. Try the technique that best resonates with you for 15 minutes once or twice a day.

Focus On Your Breath: Sit comfortably and tune into your breath, inhaling from your nose to abdomen and out again. Release any tension that you may have with each exhalation. When you notice your mind wandering, return to your breath.

Visualisation: Use your imagination to create a peaceful relaxing environment, visualize a river washing away all the negative energy and tension or picture a tropical landscape at your ideal vacation destination. Make your image vivid, imagining texture, colour and any fragrance as the image washes over you.