Moving toward a healthy heart diet is often tough for some people who are used of eating unhealthy diets. Unhealthy eating is the main cause of heart disease that is very common nowadays. Unhealthy eating can lead to serious problems eventually. Knowing some steps to a healthy heart diet will help you prevent heart disease, it is important to fine-tune your diet and become healthy.

 The following are some simple replacements that can help:

  • Cholesterol and unhealthy fats should be limited: the most important step you can do to lower the risk of coronary heart disease is to limit the amount of saturated and trans fat you eat. It also reduces blood cholesterol that helps prevent build up plaque in your arteries. When too much saturated and trans fat is eaten, you will likely develop “atherosclerosis” which increases the risk of a stroke and heart attack.

          Fats to use                                    Fats to limit

          Olive oil                                          Butter

             Canola oil                                       Lard and Bacon fat

  • Use a low-fat protein source: you can find the best sources of proteins in fish, lean meat, poultry and egg whites, but be careful when choosing lower-fat options. It is important to know the fat content of the food you eat to prevent high blood cholesterol.

           Proteins to choose                  Proteins to avoid

          Low-fat dairy products           Organ meats

          Egg whites                                 Eggyolks                                                                   

           Salmon and water fish             Bacon

            Legumes                                     Spareribs

  • Eat Fruits and Vegetables: fruits and vegetables are still the best food to eat because of their vitamins and minerals which are naturally low in calorie content and rich in dietary fiber. Instead of eating snacks and cheese, fruits are a good substitute for a healthy heart. Store your cut up fruits in a clean bowl in your refrigerator for a quick snack. You can either make a recipe that involves fruits and vegetables as the main ingredient such as fruit salad.

                   Fruits and vegetable to eat                                    Fruits and vegetables to avoid

                   Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables                    Coconut

                   Low-sodium canned vegetables                             Vegetables with creamy sauces

              Canned fruit packed in juice or water                   Canned fruit packed in heavy syrup

  • Choose whole grains: a very good source of fiber and nutrients is whole grains which helps with the regulation of blood pressure. Ground flaxseed, a small brown seed that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and high in fiber content which helps lowering your total blood cholesterol. A good way to add whole grains in your diet is through grinding this seed in your coffee grinder and add in a teaspoon in your yogurt or hot cereal.

          Grains to choose                                          Grains to avoid

          Whole wheat- flour                                     White, refined flour

             Whole-grain bread                                      White bread

          Ground flaxseed                                           Muffins

             High-fiber cereal                                          Corn bread

Getting yourself in better shape should also be given a serious thought. Altering your unhealthy diet to a healthy heart diet is a good start to prevent from heart diseases in the future. Food plays a big factor in having a good and healthy heart. You should know what foods to eat and what food to avoid. These are just a few suggestions that will help you towards having a good and healthy heart.