SEO is a very vast subject which really needs regular updation on part of the webmaster. Search Engines updates their algorithms every then and now and therefore you have to be on your toes to get yourself aligned with it.

Here I am sharing some questions and their answers which will be helpful for SEO beginners.


1. If I include Keywords in my domain name will this improve traffic?

Merely putting keywords in domain will not help you in increasing your traffic. Its good idea to include keywords in domain but don't keep depended on it. You have to focus on link building which will in fact improve your rankings.

2. Why Google show different SERPS in different computers?

Google shows relevant results by tracking user's data, history and accordingly personalize their results and also change results based on language and country.

Another reason being is that it uses multiple data centers to produce results and therefore results diffes in two different geo locations.

3. What's the difference between Dofollow and Nofollow?

From SEO point of view search engines will follow the links and pass the link juice when they come across any link having dofollow attribute and on other side if they come across a link having a nofollow attribute then they will not follow that link i.e no link juice will be forwared to other page.

Nofollow is generally used to stop the link spam generally seen in blog's comments but it can be helpful in your internal site links by providing you with option of passing link juice to other pages of your website.

4. Can I Use More than one H1 tag on my page?

You can use h1 tag multiple times but in a logical manner and overdoing it will not yield any good results. H1 tag is meant for important headings so use it where you find it necessary.

5.Can I get good rankings if my domain is very old?

Without good content and good backlinks it doesn't matter whether you have a old or new domain. Domain age really is not a factor which will magically gets you in the rankings. Focus on good content and quality link building and you will get the desired rankings.

6. Why Google Favor Blogs So Much?

I think it goes with the content i.e the quality of content and frequency of content are the deciding factors whether google will index it faster or not. Blogs are rich source of content and google loves content i.e. original content. But this is not always true for all the blogs present there because there are many things involved which makes your blog to be indexed quickly by google.