Some folks might find it daunting to strike out on a new venture by themselves, or even with a partner. Be it a business, a new way of thinking, or even travelling, these books are sure to light your imagination and guide you with their inspiring and down-to-earth words of advice.

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Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers

Okay, I read this book once I got back home, but it's still a good book. Written by renowned stock investor Jim Rogers, he details his travels across the world in his custom built Mercedes Benz. It is interesting to read his take on countries such as South Korea, India, Russia, Canada, and many more that he visited on his epic two-year round-the-world journey. I read his description about the country Georgia, just before a friend emailed me a link to a teaching job in that country. The job boasted a “government backed salary”. Well, after having read Mr. Rogers' account of the country, I dunno if Georgia would be my first choice to go to. Great book, especially since it allows you a glimpse into the mind of the world's greatest investors.


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Richard Kiyosaki

This book, though mostly about how ingenious My. Kiyosaki is (including how he created a massive educational empire built around the Rich Dad Poor Dad series) is still inspiring and very informative. Not only that, it's accessible to the lay reader. The major takeaway from the book is that much of the traditional school system is built around creating workers for jobs, not entrepreneurs who think and create business for themselves. It's not easy, but it can be done. Mr. Kiyosaki tells all about it.


The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

Inspiring to say the least. Although some folks would doubt that Mr. Ferriss only works four hours a week, the book still presents a valid argument for leaving your current job (IF you're unhappy) and pursuing your dreams being your own boss. It's not easy work, and Mr. Ferriss doesn't say otherwise, but he does say it's possible. I especially liked his methodology for learning a foreign language. Check out this article for more on learning a foreign language.


Screw It, Let's Do It! By Richard Branson

Richard branson, what an entrepreneur! The book covers Mr. Branson's approach to business and some helpful advice on how to go about creating you own business. Mr. Branson has always done things his way but appreciates the suggestions of others. Screw It, Let's Do It! Is just one of Mr. Branson's books, but all of them are very inspirational and can help put you in the frame of mind to go out and grab life and live it to the fullest.


The Battle for Investment Survival by Gerald Loeb

Although an older work, much of the information contained in this book is still relevant today. From advice such as putting all your eggs in one basket and then watching that basket closely to getting out of your home town and travelling to broaden your mind, Mr. Loeb dispels the myth that you can't make money in the markets and, instead, encourages everyone to learn about business.


The Monk and the Riddle by Randy Kosimar

An easy, short read that will really make you think about any business venture you wish to pursue. The story centres around an angel investor and a would-be business owner. The angel investor, however, proves to be a very challenging man to get money from. Having been through years of business, he can't help but wonder what's really driving his new applicant, the man who wants to open an online funeral agency. Some may read this book and not understand the message, but the message is clear, it's alright to try a business, but make sure your heart is into it or else your business will suffer as a result.


The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall

An excellent read and what will become a challenge to your own self. A very short book, ca. 100 pages, the book tells the story of a nephew who, in order to receive a generous allowance from his deceased uncle, must pass a series of tests which will be judged by a lawyer and his assistant. If anything, this book will give you some ideas of what you can learn from the variety of jobs out there, and how to appreciate that there is more to life than just money. Inspiring, and tear-jerking at times.