Initially this article was going to be directed at Women. Once the words began to flow, it aimed at a much larger audience. The ability to open a bank account or rent an apartment are considered necessary adult life skills. Society has become so dependent on other people doing things for them. The world has also become too reliant on the convenience of technology. The following talents listed may not seem important, but are often neglected in modern society.

Changing a tire should be a mandated course for every citizen. Many people zipping up and down the highway would be in a state of panic when faced with a blown tire. Keeping a jack, tire iron and spare tire in your vehicle is second to the knowledge in utilizing the above items. By the time you call AAA, wait for customer service and place your service request you could jack the car up and replace your tire. This keeps you from waiting in deserted places for extended time periods. Usually either in the dead of winter or the middle of a thunderstorm.

Learn to connect your residential cable box or electronics. This may seem like a no-brainer to some. There are people who could not connect their cable box to the television if all the cables were suddenly removed. We are not referring to those who legitimately need assistance. This refers to people who simply choose not to read the guide or use common sense to figure it out. There are cable technicians who will come to your house and hook your cable up, but do you really want to wait 6 hours for them to do it?

Things have become so informal with the advent of technology. Lingering letters on beautiful paper have been replaced with hasty text messages. Verbal eloquence is lost to Instant Messaging and smiley face emoticons. Learn how to properly address and word a thank you note to show appreciation. The act of writing means you took time out of your day. A piece of paper with simple wording means more than you know to your recipient.

Polish your interview techniques and show what dynamic skills you possess. Having impressive character never goes out of style. A stellar resume gets your foot in the door but presence during an interview is what gets you the job. Have a clean, crisp appearance. Make eye contact when speaking. Always have an active voice. Do not forget to smile. You are your best marketing campaign. If you do not believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

Reviewing the list, which by all means is not complete, makes one wonder. Has society come so far with comforts and gadgets that we lost touch with our inner talents? Perhaps going back to a state of semi-simplicity would allow us to regain some of our humanity.