Tired of the same old regime on your rebounder? There are ways to use a mini trampoline for things besides excercising or jumping down and up. You can get much more out of your tramp with just a little bit of creativity. I've found some examples of games you can perform within your mini trampoline allowing you to continue to have enjoyment with it for many years.

Trampoline games are especially fun for children. They can be enjoyed both outside and indoors which means that your kids can enjoy active play in any weather conditions. Prior to attempting these types of activities, make sure you have picked the very best mini trampoline for your little one.

Counting - For young ones just learning to count, a good game to reinforce numbers is the counting game. Just have your kids count (one, two, three, four...) each time they bounce. Once they have counted as high as they can, they have to stop jumping. They are able to then start once more right from the beginning. This may seem like a super easy work out, but it will accomplish some things. First, it encourages your little one to learn how to count higher to achieve more bounces in per round. Next, it will help strengthen the numbers they previously know by tying them in to an exercise. Lastly, it gives your little one an excuse to workout!

Rhythm - Another great approach to indulge your youngster in exercise on the trampoline is to play music when they bounce. Have them then try leaping to the rhythm of the song. For added fun, rotate between slow and fast songs for variety.

Stop and Go - For a play on the old classic "red light, green light" game, you can play the game stop and go along with your child. Pick a fixed number, for example, thirty. When you say "Go", your child starts jumping attempting to reach 30 jumps. When you say "Stop", the little one has to stop bouncing. If they don't end bouncing, they must begin from the start. It's tough to stop jumping on a mini trampoline, especially when jumping high, so your kids will need to learn how to control their bouncing to be successful.

Ball Catch - To really enhance hand eye coordination, try out throwing a light rubber or foam ball to your little one when they are bouncing. Once they catch it, they can toss it to you while they keep bounce. Reactions will be tested here, but ensure your youngster is skillful on the mini trampoline so that they don't fall off the trampoline during this activity.

The rest of the games listed here could be fun for all ages. Of course, make sure you adhere to the appropriate trampoline basic safety procedures for your model.

Ball Return - You can utilize your trampoline for activities other than leaping. Place the trampoline against a wall at an angle and throw a small ball at it to use it as a ball return. You can throw ping pong balls, tennis balls, or baseballs. We suggest performing this exercise outdoors, as a powerful toss can send your ball flying a far distance.

Endurance Competitions - Get your friends or family included in rebounding by holding friendly contests. Who can bounce for the longest time without stopping? Who can balance on one leg the longest time? Who can do 20 bounces the quickest? There are endless methods for you to hold competitions to determine who will reign as the mini trampoline champion!

These are just some examples of activities you could play on your mini trampoline. With a little creativity I'm sure you can think of a lot more.