About twenty-nine percent of Americans suffer from constipation or digestive system ailment so it is not surprising that many of them are looking for natural remedies for  constipation. Many doctors report digestive complaints as the most common aliment about the abdomen. Everyone's digestive system is different. A person may have one or more bowel movements a day where another can have three bowel movements in a week. Constipation is an infrequent bowel movement usually less than three times a week, and the stool is hard and dry. Other symptoms accompanied with this condition is feeling bloated. Not only is this uncomfortable but you might find yourself straining when trying to have a bowel movement.

Studies have shown that chronic constipation is more come in women and older people particularly those over the age of sixty-five. It is a common condition for women during pregnancy, after giving birth or even after surgery. Some medication can also cause constipation as well some diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Many medications are available to treat chronic constipation relief but the disadvantage is that you have to take it for a very long time. Once the medication stopped, the problem will recur. Natural remedies for  constipation together with daily exercises and a healthy diet will enable one to get rid of this condition.

Here are some natural remedies for chronic constipation. Be sure to eat a diet with an adequate amount of fiber in it. Fiber for the most part is insoluble, which enables it to pass through the body unaltered. This characteristic gives the stool a soft texture making it easier when one has to pass any feces. Fiber is found in foods such as whole grains, fruits and yes vegetables too.  A good choice of grains include brown rice instead of the usual white rice, whole grain bread or wheat bran. Try to include figs into your diet. The best time to consume this is in the morning. Another way to introduce fiber into your diet is with flax seeds. Sprinkle about one teaspoon over any meal. Flaxseed has a mild nutty flavor and is found in most health food stores and some grocery stores as well. If none of this appeals to you then try taking a fiber supplement. Many forms are available either as a pill or powder. Fiber can cause bloating so introduce it to your diet gradually. Furthermore, remember to drink plenty of water when increasing your fiber in take as it could cause constipation instead of relieving it.

Another simple constipation home remedies is to drink plenty of water. Studies have shown that regularly consuming enough amount of water may help some people relieve their constipation. Water also makes the stool softer and thus easier to pass. Avoid dehydrating fluids such as alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks, which can just aggravate the problem.

Herbal laxatives or "teas" are commonly used to relieve constipation as well. Some herbs are aloe, senna, rhubarb or buckthorn. Senna is a commonly approved herb sold over the counter to relieve constipation. Many people have become very dependent of these herbs to have bowel movement daily. But remember these herbs are for occasional or short-term use. Use the herbal laxative for seven days or less. Using them for an extended period can cause your bowels to lose its own natural ability to move by itself. Over usage of these herbs leads to diarrhea, low potassium levels which causes muscle weakness, abnormal heart beat, kidney and liver ailments.

Some patients have chronic constipation due to the anatomy of their body. A common dysfunction is when the pelvic floor does not work properly. This is a result of obesity, or an enlarged prostate. Some women are known to have this condition especially after child-birth. Biofeedback therapy will relieve chronic constipation in this case. Basically a trained therapist will teach you how to better use your muscles to defecate. This is a very promising treatment with seventy percent of patients showing an improvement. In a study performance, biofeedback and laxatives were given to patients with pelvic floor dysfunction. The participants were previously directed to use fiber supplements or suppositories. The patients found the biofeedback method far more effective than any supplement or laxative, with the benefits lasting as long as two years.

New research shows that probiotic are very beneficial to the digestive system and is just the remedy one needs for chronic constipation relief. Probiotic is live microbial organisms that are found naturally in our intestines. These organisms are known to improve your body's immunity, aid in vitamin K production and it suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria. Another way in which probiotic help improve one's health is that it also relieves constipation. One study looked at the effects of probiotic in a diet vs a placebo in patients with chronic constipation. The probiotic candidates reported a great deal of improvement in constipation severity and the feces consistency.

Accupressure is another natural remedies for  constipation. It is an old fashion healing technique where you use your fingers pressure on specific parts of the body. The pressure point for constipation is found between the thumb and index finger when close together. Apply pressure to the highest spot on the muscle between these two fingers. Continue to apply increasing pressure with any finger of the other hand and hold it for three minutes. Some people have found this method quite helpful in relieving constipation. Pregnant women should not use accupressure as it could trigger the onset of early contractions.

A lack of magnesium in one's diet can lead to constipation as well. A natural remedies for  constipation would then be to consume foods that have this mineral in it naturally. Foods that contain magnesium are nuts, seeds, whole grains and green leafy vegetables. If you can not get it from these sources take a supplement. Magnesium needed for all muscle coördination including the ones in the digestive tract. A lack  of magnesium will affect muscle function thus making some people constipated.

These are just some remedies that you can try. Begin by living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly. If you have the need to have a bowel movement do not wait. When you delay your urge  the water from the stool decreases making it more harder and thus causes difficulty for you to  have a bowel movement.

Drinking aloe vera juice will promote regular bowel movements. It is a mild laxative and can also aid to help with other digestive tract ailments. Drink it the first chance you get in the morning especially before breakfast. Another helpful natural remedy for chronic constipation is eating prunes. Prunes not only prevent constipation, it is high in fiber with laxative characteristics. Consume a few prunes either before or after dinner for optimal results.

Any one of these natural remedies for  constipation could work, but remember to have a healthy lifestyle as well. You should notice a change in as little as one month, if you however consult with your primary doctor for alternative treatments.