Google Toolbar Labs has been coming up with new ways to make browsing the internet and accessing information on your computer easier since the Google Toolbar was first launched. Here are some of the new additions to the Toolbar that might prove useful to you.

Custom Buttons With Google Gadget Support
This feature lets you add your favorite Google Gadgets as buttons to your Toolbar. When you click on a Gadget button, the Gadget will pop down from the Toolbar on whatever site you may be. It will disappear when you're done with it.

Synchronized Toolbar Settings
With the Synchronized Toolbar feature, you can take your customized Google Toolbar everywhere, even when accessing the internet from a different computer. Select the "Access your Toolbar Settings Everywhere" option on your Toolbar sign-in menu and you'll be able to access your customized toolbar when you sign in to it from any computer.

Improved AutoFill
The Improved AutoFill feature makes it easier to fill out online forms than ever before. You can store several different profiles containing personal and business information to help you fill out form boxes automatically. Just hover over the AutoFill icon as your filling out a form and pick from the suggested fill-in options. You can also start typing information into the box and the AutoFill feature will prompt you to pick a profile to use for the form.

Quick Search Box (IE exclusive)
It can be really annoying to multi-task on your computer when you're having to switch between multiple programs and files. With the new Quick Search Box, you can access almost everything you need from a single, sleek search tool. The Search Box appears as a Google button on your Windows task bar. Click on it to do online searches and also search for programs and files on your computer, as well as do calculations.

Google Toolbar with My Location
This feature is still in the testing phase and only available in the U.S. It detects Wi-Fi access points near you in order to pinpoint your specific locations and deliver localized search results when you type in a query into your Google Toolbar, all without associating location information with your personal Google account. Ask your SEO professional consultant how this can help your business!