Bamboo is a great looking, eco-friendly material to use in outdoor and interior decorating. Bamboo fencing, which has become an increasingly popular option to traditional hardwood fencing in recent years, can be especially fun and versatile. You can use it in your home and office, in addition to your backyard, to give a room a fresh, natural look and feel. Bamboo comes in many different and beautiful colors and textures, with everything from rough to glossy finishes. Here are a few new and creative ways to use bamboo fencing. So read on. You might be inspired to come up with some of your own.

Unique Room Dividers
One of the best-looking uses for bamboo fencing is as a room divider. Whether it's your living room or your office, bamboo dividers can lend a cool, relaxed air to any indoors space. Plus they can look great and compliment a wide variety of décor styles. For a sleek, professional divider, find smooth-finished panels of black bamboo.

Wall Lining for a Room's Interior
Rather than going for the usual wallpaper, try using cropped bamboo fencing panels or rolls to line the walls of your room. Thin, split bamboo is best. Depending on the finish of the bamboo fencing, it can give a smooth or rough texture to you wall linings, without being cumbersome.

Bamboo Panels as Wall Art Backgrounds
Take a bamboo panel, cut to appropriate size, and use it as a background mat for your paintings and photographs. You can either but a bamboo border around it or leave it as is. Either way, the bamboo creates a beautiful, naturalistic background. The effect that this has is to make the images stand out even more than usual. Choose colors that compliment the artwork's image.

Bamboo for Window Borders and Shutters
Cut to the appropriate measurements, bamboo fencing panels can be used to replace the old (and usually drab) thin, white window shutters as well as the window borders. Bamboo windows can give rooms a more tropical, relaxed feel, and they work as natural insulators for both cold and heat.