Monetary Goals for Article Writing

These goals aren't related to the quantity of articles written, but rather to the desired income results from writing and publishing them. They are also specific to certain types of articles, rather than being for articles in general. Given the types of some of the articles, they may also be harder to achieve and could require the development of niche sites.
Piggy Bank(88741)Credit: MorgueFile
It's unlikely that these goals could be met purely from Google AdSense, but this is one of the easiest to track. Should the articles be distributed, there would also be potential direct and indirect income from other sites and traffic that may well be impossible to track properly, so ballpark revenue will likely have to do.

Amazon could possibly be tracked by sales of specific products and product types; such as DVDs or books.

RuneScape Articles

RuneScape LogoCredit: JagexI currently have one RuneScape article published, with a series of more than six mostly done, that just need assembling into articles and having screenshots taken for pictures related to the articles. The goal here is to make at least £3.20/month from these, and any future, articles on RuneScape.

Film Reviews

Film(88738)Credit: MorgueFileCurrently, I have reviews of Chronicle, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Bad Teacher written, although more are planned. The income goal desired from these is slightly more complex, being at least £9.99, then at least £14.99, then both combined to be £24.98.


Dining Out Reviews

A SteakCredit: MorgueFileI already have a number of these done on pubs, restaurants and cafes, with several more in development. I haven't managed to come up with a precise monetary goal for these yet, it being more complicated, but it will probably be a variable goal.

Book Reviews

Shelves of BooksCredit: MorgueFileI've only done one of these so far, on C S Lewis' Cosmic Trilogy, although I have another in progress. These are more complicated to do than even film reviews, as books are longer. Fiction books are harder to review than factual ones, if easier to read, because you don't want to give away plot twists or the ending and ruin the experience for the reader. The same applies to films, of course.

Again, this is a more complex goal, like with the dining out reviews, with no definite monetary goal set and hard to define.

The Reasons

Basically, the reasons for these goals are tax. If the article types generate enough income to cover the related costs, the costs would then become a legitimate business expense. They, admittedly, could be considered so anyway, but HM Revenue & Customs is typically reluctant to consider expenses valid, particularly for leisure activities, if they always generate a loss.


The monthly cost of RuneScape membership is £3.20. Equalling or surpassing this will make it a valid, deductible expense.

Film Reviews

£9.99 is the cost of LoveFilm monthly membership; £14.99/month the cost of a Cineworld Unlimited pass. Surpassing both of these would mean the cost of watching and renting films would be much cheaper. Some travel expenses could then also be considered for cinema visits, although it's doubtful that popcorn would.

Dining Out

Some of the reviews are of places where some or all of the money spent is already a valid expense; the aim would be to generate enough income that more visits would be considered valid, although it is doubtful that repeat visits to the same place would ever be unchallenged. It would mean more variety in dining out though.

One place where care needs to be taken is to make sure that the same expense isn't claimed twice. Where the money spent is already, either partially or wholly, a valid expense, that expense is a personal deductible, so, if the expense is partially deductible, only the remainder must be added as a new deductible expense. HM Revenue & Customs frowns on you using the same expense twice, not surprisingly.


It is also unlikely that a specific book review would generate enough income to cover the cost of purchasing a book; however, there are book clubs where you can get regular books for a monthly fee, and possibly one of these could be used as a covered expense, as long as all the books received this way were reviewed, in addition to any others done.

The Aim

The aim for these goals is pretty simple; to make leisure activities pay for themselves, enabling more activities to be enjoyed without spending more money. Days out and reviews of places visited could also be incorporated into this in the future.

These are, of course, not the sole monetary goals being pursued through writing articles. One advantage of these types of goals is they take an existing expense and turn it into a legitimate tax deduction. The benefit here is instead of, for example, earning another £10, you earn £10 and can offset an existing £10 expense against it. No increase in tax liability, but a decrease in total expenditure. This is all perfectly legal too, when done correctly.