When it comes to dressing up like you’re from the Wild West, there are a ton of options that you can choose from. However, nobody wants to be wearing a mediocre costume to a Halloween party! Every single person that is dressing up wants to be wearing the outfit that all of the other guests are talking about, and these cowgirl costume ideas will definitely allow you to do that!

The most amazing thing about every single cowgirl costume is that it allows the woman to look sexy, rough, and classy...all at the same time! It is a very rare occasion that costumes allow all three of these looks to be accomplished at the same time!

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Dress Up In A Daisy Duke Costume-The Most Famous Cowgirl

Daisy Duke was one of the main characters in the ever-popular television series called “Dukes Of Hazard”. Nonetheless, she played a very sexy cowgirl! What makes her costume so easy to create is the fact that it simply involves clothes that you may already have in your closet!

In order to make a homemade Daisy Duke cowgirl costume, you must:

-Put on a pair of denim shorts that have been cut off, and are really short. Daisy Duke was known for her really short denim shorts, so these are an essential piece of the costume!

-Get your hands on a pair of cowgirl boots. This Dukes Of Hazard star wore brown ones, but any color will do!

-Put on a white tanktop with a plaid shirt over top of it! You can really make this costume a sexy one by tying the plaid shirt around the middle of your stomach!

-Throw on a medium sized cowgirl hat that is made out of straw, and tie your hair up in a ponytail underneath it! I highly recommend that you take a look at the large selection of straw cowgirl hats on Amazon, as they would go perfect with this homemade Daisy Duke costume.

As you can see, it is much easier than expected to make your own cowgirl costume! It will cost you less than $30 to get your hands on most of these accessories, and this homemade costume will definitely last you at least a few years!

A Western Themed Belt Will Take Your Costume To The Next Level

Wearing cowgirl boots and a straw hat will definitely do a great job at making you look like a cowgirl; however, it is the small accessories that will allow your costume to be the “best of the best”! Something like a Western-themed belt will literally allow your outfit to go from being “great” to being “phenomenal”!

I’ll be honest with you, all of the best cowgirl costume ideas incorporate some sort of Western belt! You can choose to go the entire route and purchase an entire belt that is geared towards the Wild West. Or you can choose the simple route that involves buying a Western belt buckle and attaching it to a universal belt strap that you already own!

The Western belt will greatly enhance your costume...regardless of the option that you choose!

A Cowgirl Costume Idea For The Workplace

So you want to dress up as a cowgirl in your office environment, but don’t want to come across as showing too much skin? There is a simple way around this!

The three most important items in this workplace costume are the straw hat, cowgirl boots, and Western themed belt! These three items by themselves will allow you to look like a cowgirl in your workplace. However, you shouldn’t settle for an “okay” costume!

Choose your best pair of khaki pants and pair them up with a white shirt that has the first 1 or 2 buttons undone! Be careful with the amount of buttons that you undo because the costume can easily turn into an overly sexy one if you undo one more button than what is acceptable! Throw on a black leather vest over top of the outfit that you have just created, and you will be dressed up in a cowgirl costume that is appropriate for the workplace!

Every workplace is different, so you should definitely use your judgement when wearing any of the cowgirl costumes that were described throughout this article. Use your discretion and your boss will be happy!

Throughout this article, there are a few different cowgirl costume ideas that you can use when you are planning on going to a Halloween or dress-up party. There are also a few different places that you can buy these costumes from; however, I would highly recommend taking a look on Amazon, as they are always selling the majority of their products at phenomenal prices that can’t be beaten by most stores!