Beaches in Panama

Playa Blanca Beach

The beach named Playa Blanca is located on an island which is small and sits off the coast of southern Panama. There are a few resorts which are situated on the island which tourists can stay at and also enjoy this lovely beach. These Panama hotels Panama offer the guest both simple and more luxurious hotels to choose from. These hotels have easy beach access plus offer an easy to get to marina. There are a choice of marinas and luxury hotels in or near Panama City located on the mainland if you don’t want to stay on this island. If you choose a mainland hotel you can easily get to this beach via ferry. If you do a search on the internet for ‘your favorite hotel, Panama’ you will find a number of well regarded hotels and hotel resorts to choose from.

Coronado Beach

This beach is on the south border of Panama. Coronado Beach located in a high quality section of Panama. Often the visitors are among the upper class who are seeking a long weekend or longer where they can relax and enjoy the visually stunning Pacific in the background. These are the type of beaches that jut up against excellent golf courses, interesting shops, highly rated restaurants and other activities. The beach is enjoyed by sun lovers, surfers and ocean swimmers. The water is enjoyable and the sands are invitingly warm. With a large choice of  hotels and resorts this is an inviting area to tourists. Considered an island paradise it is far enough away to entice guests who can travel to Panama City for sightseeing.

Gorgona Beach

This is a beach geared to the active tourist or visitor. Gorgona Beach is a beach lined with charming beach houses and condominiums. There is an inviting stretch that indulges your desire for quiet. Looking up you will find fluttering palm trees situated along the white sand. Located on the southern end of Panama along the coast of the Pacific ocean you are still only about one hour from Panama City and all the activities it has to offer.

Punta Chame Beach

This is a beach located on the Pacific coast of Panama. It is a finger shaped peninsula with ocean views on each side. As one of the remaining underdeveloped beach areas of Panama a visitor can relax and listen to the ocean waves. Located about one and half hours from the city and close to a lot of hotels, it is about one hour from the Pan American Highway allowing visitors to enjoy both the worlds of beach and busy city.