Looking for pre 1980 acoustic guitars on EBay can be rather difficult; there are many frauds, and most of the sellers price their guitars for well above what they are worth! However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I have done some research on EBay, and selected a few acoustic guitars that were built before 1980. The guitars that I have selected have a few qualities that all guitar collectors would like:

-they are all great looking guitars

-all of these guitars were produced by reputable brands

-these are some of the most durable instruments in the industry

-there are multiple of each of these guitars being sold on EBay; this makes it easy to get an accurate priceWashburn Vintage Series Acoustic GuitarCredit: Amazon.com

I am not saying that these are the only vintage guitars that you should consider buying; however, I am saying that these are your best bets. At the end of the day, you should be buying an acoustic guitar that suits your reason for buying it. For instance, a person that wants to display a vintage acoustic guitar in a showcase will choose a different model than someone that wants to play it on a daily basis!

1970’s Ventura V-35 Acoustic Guitar-A Beauty!

Many people have said that this vintage guitar looks like a knock off of a Martin D-45; however, there are a few subtle differences! This was one of the best looking acoustic guitars of thMartin D-18P Dreadnought Acoustic GuitarCredit: Amazon.come 70’s, and still holds its value! With that being said, one of the best features of this acoustic guitar is that it is compatible with all of the modern strings that you can find in music stores! This means that you can buy this guitar, install 6 new guitar strings on it, and strum away!

In addition to this guitar being a perfect 1970’s guitar for playing, it is a beautiful instrument! The Ventura V-35 features a solid spruce top, three piece rosewood back and sides, and a Koa neck! I have noticed that the frets on this guitar wear down rather quickly, so don’t be surprised if the majority of the V-35’s that you find on EBay have worn frets!

1955 Gibson Southern Jumbo Acoustic Guitar-About $1500!

Gibson is known as being one of the best acoustic guitar companies in the music industry. One of Gibson’s most famous lines of guitars is the Les Paul series; they featured the best sound for an affordable price, and had 3 equalizer knobs to control the tone that the guit38 Inch Black Acoustic Guitar Starter PackageCredit: Amazon.comar produced.

Gibson’s Southern Jumbo was supposed to be a promotional guitar for their upcoming J-35 model; however, they had decided to release the guitar permanently when they had seen its success...many guitarists wanted to have one of these! The 1955 Gibson Southern Jumbo is now considered to be one of the most revolutionary vintage acoustic guitars to be released to the public; it was the first guitar of its time to have 20 frets instead of 19.

$1500 may seem like a lot for musicians to pay for a guitar; however, there are a ton of collectors that would pay WAY more than that to have this guitar in their collection. One of the most sought after pre 1980 acoustic guitars is the Gibson Southern Jumbo Dreadnought Edition! Most guitar collectors think of the Southern Jumbo as an instrument to hang on their wall; however, experienced guitar players know that this old guitar produces a much better sound than many current ones, so it would be worth it to refinish the guitar and play it!

1950’s Harmomy Broadway Archtop-Inexpensive At Under $500!

 Archtops have been a staple instrument in Harmony’s lineup of guitars since the early 1950’s. In addition, the Archtop is one of the most popular vintage guitars for people to collect and play! I guess business’s supply and demand rule clicks when you hear that they are being sold for under $500! More guitars being available translate to them being sold at a cheaper price.

As was stated about the Ventura V-35, the Harmony Archtop is compatible with all types of modern guitar strings. Since it is being sold at a relatively cheap price, you would not feel guilty installing a new set of guitar strings on it and strumming to your favourite song!

There are literally hundreds of guitars that you can get your hands on when you are shopping in online marketplaces such as Amazon and EBay; however, some of the instruments are being overpriced, and others are being falsely advertised as being in better condition than they actually are! I am not saying that these are the only pre 1980 acoustic guitars on EBay; however, these are the ones that you should be considering whether you are looking to hang it on your music room wall or play it to your favourite song!