Recently, municipal workers in Mandeville City Council, Louisiana are benefitting from the Council’s decision to provide free health insurance to them.  Money that was recouped from the savings in Worker Compensation payments were applied towards the higher insurance premiums required to keep their insurance active. 

Originally, the city had planned for the employees to pay for a portion of the health insurance costs. These employees would have had to pay $11.54 biweekly premiums’ to keep their current health insurance intact.

But, not many of us are fortunate to get this privilege. Health Insurance is an expensive proposition and requires many financing strategies to ensure coverage is maintained. 

To ensure this, we need to find health insurance coverage that must fit our budget. This means that you would need to get several insurance quotations from various health insurers. You need to compare and evaluate the top providers’ rates that are within your budget. Also, compare the individual, family, student, and child plans. To do this evaluation it might be necessary to develop a spreadsheet with several columns where you enter all the insurers you find promising and by doing so you will find the optimum insurers with the minimum of costs while getting the maximum benefits. However, you should pay special note the providers pre-existing conditions and high risks qualifications restrictions when seeking free health insurance programs.

But, if you are in an unfortunate situation with limited income and resources there are many programs in the USA that can come in handy. Low cost or free clinics are available in the United States for people who qualify. Payment is made on a “sliding scale” basis where you pay only what you can afford. Many of the clinics offer dental, mental health and  women’s’ health services.

Some of these are operated by state and local government offices, either by a financial grant or from funds in their regular budget.

Other low cost health care programs that are available are Planned Parenthood, sports  and other  physical exams, employment, high blood pressure screenings, vaccinations and several women’s programs etc.

If you are stuck and cannot find these free clinics, just call on your local hospital and for a referral to a free clinic in your area. They usually have the information and some participate in these programs as well. If you are disabled or elderly, these clinics are geared up to assist you to apply for Medicare and Medicaid benefits. You can also go online on your computer and perform a search on Google for: Ask -A-Nurse ( city name), and you will have many free health insurance or low cost health insurance programs services from which to choose.