Bluetooth earphones are fantastic, but they’re rather pointless on their own. Before buying your first bluetooth headset, you’ll need to make certain that the product you wish to pair with them is compatible. Though many devices on the market at the moment offer Bluetooth compatibility, some do not. We’ve developed some examples of the products we recommend you choose to get the most out of your Wireless earphones.

iPod Touch

The most sought after portable mp3 player, the Apple ipod , is the most appropriate device to pair with your Bluetooth earbuds. Remember the Touch is the only kind of iPod that has support for Bluetooth.


The iPhone 4 is considered the most popular individual model of touch screen phone in america. Nearly anything you are able to do using a laptop or computer, can be done using an apple iphone, like Wireless streaming. All types of the iPhone right after the 3G include support for Bluetooth.

Android Smartphone

For those who have a touch screen phone that isn’t an apple iphone, you most likely have got an Android phone. As opposed to the iphone, Google android smartphones are available in all kinds of styles and sizes. A few have Bluetooth, including the Galaxy S and the Incredible 2. Various other previous smartphones might not be Bluetooth capable, so be sure to read the product technical specs before choosing.

The iPad

Apple’s newest product is the iPad. It’s essentially just like an overgrown iPhone, sans phone. In that respect, this also has support for Bluetooth music much like it’s cellular counterpart. Both the first and second iPad tableti can make use of Bluetooth headsets to hear games, films, and MP3s privately and wire-free.

Other Types Of Tablets

The Apple iPad isn’t the only tablet in town anymore. Some fantastic new gadgets have been introduced for those who aren’t Apple supporters. These consist of tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Rim Blackberry Playbook, and Motorola Xoom, all which come with Bluetooth support.

A Laptop

Virtually all Notebooks on the market currently come with Bluetooth support. Because the tech has existed for a while, it’s fairly inexpensive to add in to computers now. Throw on a pair of wire free earphones when you’re working at the coffee house or the library and listen to music in peace.


Netbook computers, laptop’s scaled-down siblings, are the ideal dimensions for travel. You may use these while travelling on the train or even flying overseas on holiday. In those circumstances you may possibly think about using noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones to be able to remove disturbances. Similar to laptop computers, nearly all netbooks come with Bluetooth installed, therefore that shouldn’t be considered a challenge.

Game Systems

In the event that you’re a lover of video games, you know that they are best experienced with the audio turned way up! But not all lifestyle circumstances will be conducive to noisy machine gun noises and epic soundtracks blaring at all hours into the evening. That’s where something such as a Bluetooth headset may come in handy. Both the Playstation 3 along with the Nintendo Wii Console come with integrated Bluetooth.

Home Audio Systems

The newest craze in Bluetooth technology is definitely the capability to listen to music out of your home music system through your Bluetooth headphones. This can be accomplished by using wireless stereo adapters similar to the Wireless Stereo Gateway or the Belkin Bluetooth Receiver. This lets you listen wirelessly to radio stations, Compact disks, movies, as well as good old fashioned vinyl!

Pretty Much Everything!

Don’t have any of the above devices? No problem! Any gadget that allows you to utilize typical headphones can be made to be compatible with Bluetooth headphones through using an adapter. Some terrific adapters available include BlueBridge Mini-Jack and the Jabra Bluetooth Music Adaptor. So you literally don't have a reason not to go out and get yourself a set of Wireless Headphones for your device now