One of the best quick weight loss tips I can think of is to do a cleanse. This will allow you to quickly flush all the toxins out of your system. Doing a cleanse is a quick method for losing some weight but there are drawbacks.

For one thing, make sure you doctor says it is ok for you to participate in a cleanse. These can be good for  your body but if you have any health issues they may be a little too severe.

There are many cleanse recipes you can find online. Most of them require you to mix up a "potion" that you will drink. After that nature will take it's course.

And yes, just so we are on the same page, you will have very strong bowel movements... many of them. For that reason, plan your cleanse on a day when you are not planning on going anywhere. The last thing you want is to be in a store when it starts working!

Make sure that no matter what type of cleanse you do that you drink plenty of fluid before during and after. Going to the bathroom that often will deplete your body of fluids which need to be replenished. If not, you can have serious side effects.

This method will flush your system of toxins which can help with more than just weight loss. you will have more overall health and energy.

One thing that you have to be aware of is that the weight loss you experience will mostly be water weight which may not be permanent unless you make significant changes to your lifestyle. Think of a cleanse as a quick start only and not a diet plan.

If you have a class reunion, wedding or any other big event that you would like to drop a few pounds for but don't have a lot of time, this may be a good option.

another great thing that a cleanse can do for you is to help you jump start your weight loss. The more weight we have to lose, the more difficult it can be to start. A cleanse can help you lose 5 or 10 pounds almost immediately. With that quick start it may give you the motivation you need to keep going. 

There are many things you can do to lose weight but one of the best quick weight loss tips I can give is to try a cleanse. This will help your body become healthier and can really give you a great kick start on your weight loss plans.