How to Bypasss Internet Filters

1.Use proxies

Most of the internet filters block proxies but still you can try your luck to see if you find a unblocked proxy by searching free proxy on Google



This method is simple and works on all internet filters. All you need to do is replace "http" by "https" thats all.

You will be able to open any site. your browser may give warning but ignore it.

For example, if you want to access facebook then in the address bar type:

And you will be on facebook.


3. Use google as proxy

This is another fullproof working method because internet filters in school never block google.

So you can take advantage of it.


Then search for the site you want to visit (example:

Click on "translate this page" link to translate your site into spanish.

Now in the url locate this


Replace it with


Press enter. There you go. You can open the website you desire.

4. Use ip

If you want to open facebook then you will need its ip address for that. Click on

start >> run >> cmd

This will open a black window. Type


and press enteryou will get a number in this form next to

Well, thats the ip adress.

Now all u need to dois instead of type in the ip address in the address bar and press enter.


5. Disable proxy server in LAN

There are also some workplace which using proxy services such as Bess to filter websites.

You may disable this method easily by going to internet browser such as internet explorer and go to

Options - Internet Options - Connection tab - Lan Settings

and uncheck the phrase

use a proxy server for your LAN

In addition, this setting  can be easily revert to its original condition before leaving

Under certain circumstances which this function is being disabled, you can use registry editor. There is simple step to disable the function of using proxy as server for your LAN by  changing the value of registry. Go to

Hkey_current_user - Software - Microsoft - Windows Current Version - Internet Setting Proxy Enable

 Set the value to "0" and you are good to go.


All the methods mention above its likely for accessing filter website through a public computer which you probably does not have authority to install software in the computer. However, if you use your own computer, It's also advisable for you to consider on using virtual private network software such as hotspot shield and other vpn software you can find on the internet.