Some Starting Ideas for What Should My Baby Be Able To Do At 1?

Many parents around a year after their child's birth begin thinking, 'what should my baby be able to do at 1?". You should rather think about how you are going to help your child learn things at the age of 1. The good news is that you don't need expensive equipment or toys to help your child grow and mature in the right way. Let us take a look at some activities that you can engage your child in.

The good news for them is you child, at 1 year of age, can adapt and learn all by herself whether you want her to learn or not. you can however, help them in their venture by arranging for a few activities such as showing her pictures and naming them so that she can repeat it too.

It may also be a good time to introduce your child to a world of alphabets. Pictures are of course the best way to do this. Don't force it though, since the child won't yet learn to write for some time to come. It is enough that you child can identify 2 or 3 alphabets and pronounce them after you. Try to integrate it into the child's daily routine. The best choice of girls first birthday photo invitations you would like.

Still wondering what should my baby be able to do at 1? At 1 year, you can also start teaching your child how to build blocks. In fact, you don't need to teach her, just giver some pieces of blocks and watch her learn on her own. Children learn much more when they are left with things on their own.

With the blocks, you child will learn many other things simultaneously. He will learn how to balance the blocks so that they don't fall away. He will see that you cannot keep on putting blocks one over the other, lest they fall. This is how your child's spatial and kinesthetic intelligence will start building up. You will find him trying to do the same thing any number of times.

Yet another common and popular activity among 1 year olds is using pencils and crayons to scribble. Usually they scribble wherever they find the place and it can annoy you no end. However, remember that this is one of the most interesting and important learning activities for your child. A small box of crayons and some pieces of card paper will go a long way in helping him learn.

Sorting is one activity that many 1 year olds find intriguing. They are learning to make sense of things, to find order in disorder. A simple act of opening an envelope and taking out its contents interests one year olds so much, they want to keep doing it all day. You could repeat the act a few times in front of your child and watch him learn to do it himself.

It is important for you to remember to give your child a free hand to learn by himself. He can learn by himself much more than you can teach her. So the best person to answer your question what should my baby be able to do at 1?' is probably best answered by your child himself.