Everything changes over time. Most people change their lifestyles and fashion statements regularly with the latest trend. Likes and preferences are greatly influenced for what is new, and in certain occasions, a once sensational fad can simply be ruined by the mass’s “contemporary” taste. It really beats us whenever something new comes out on TV (or by any forms of media), whether can it be ridiculous and awful, some people just dig it. Although it sure is just a matter of personal taste, but the fact itself is just strange and puzzling. It’s really one-sided or biased to say or give out examples of what are these horrid trends I’m referring to, so may we just move on.

So then we live our lives normally, minding our own business--- and in one most unfortunate day, suddenly our once favorite heedlessly turns distasteful because something we caught on TV tells so.


Bands that wear make-up

  • Some of us can vividly remember the days when we used to sing along with our favorite artists, mimicking their moves and posing like a real rock star in front of the mirror. Once then (or maybe until now?), we thought “it would be cool if I fix my hair like one of these guys wore on their gig”, or, “it must be a one hell of a moment to be on stage jamming in a different persona with all the make-up and costumes”. Stuff like those were really cool back then-- now look what happened now? We see people, particularly the teens, wearing eye liners and emo hairstyles or somewhat overdressed just to attend a class or buy something at the mall. Our trend’s transition got so messed up that it’s now hard to tell whether that dude’s a girl or a “dude” dude by their androgynous look.


Vampires used to be Badass until…

  •  Now who would ever forget the mid 90’s – mid 21st century vampire flicks? Such characters like “Blade” (Wesley Snipes), “Lestat” (Tom Cruise), “Selene” (Kate Beckinsale) made a badass impression to vampiric qualities and characters based on a movie; Stories we heard about Count Dracula’s nefarious deeds and stunts delivered upon his helpless victims; Tales about Vampires’ enchanting abilities like transformation, hypnosis, immortality, and anything else that signifies morbid awesomeness--- not until recently, such films and TV series stormed the entertainment industry and steered its epicness level  into such cliche. Movie-makers made too much alteration with the whole “vampire” concept and that they no longer carry the once fearsome features but now of a pansy, hopeless romantic pretty boy. Of course I’m not talking about that movie Twilight, am I?


Videogame based live-action movies

  • Since Technology has always been in a rapid improvement, almost all things have reached beyond possibilities. Movie Industries in particular, have grown advanced in terms of visual/sound effects as well. They have been bringing wildly popular games in to life for quite recently, and there’s never been a time we got less disappointed watching these movies. But not in general though, there were actually videogame based movies that turned out not pretty bad at all. But there always comes to a point that how about they just made the movie in full CG? On that way, the movie will be saved and unruined by the actor/actress’s lousy acting performance.