The Google Sandbox

The Sandbox Definitely Exists.

The Google Sandbox Exists.

Google doesn't own up to there actually being a sandbox, but what do you expect from such a monopoly?  The sandbox exists.  If you do not know what the sandbox is, then let me explain:  You won't see it here on infobarrel unless the entire website gets sandboxed, but if you have your own website, or a Hubpages subdomain, you can get tossed rather nonchalantly into Google's sandbox, and when there, you will receive no search traffic...or very very little search traffic from the only search engine hardly anyone uses.

Oh you'll know it when you are there, one day you're patting yourself on the back for high flying traffic stats and increased earnings, and then the next day you're getting less than a third of your former daily average of page views, almost none of them from Google.

Sadly, there is no one to complain to, and no one at Google cares in the least about you and your problems they've been so generous as to provide you with.  You see, it is all done by an amoral machine that does not know the first notion of what is or is not fair, or moral.

Now we can't really blame the people at Google for wanting to perfect a system that provides the user with great results, but we can observe some of what goes on, and offer our experiences as a guide for others.  Machines can't be reasoned with, and this is something I hope you'll recognize.

What Happened To My Hubpages Subdomain?

My subdomain over at is crashed to nothingness.  If you think I'm pissed off, well, you're onto something.  I'm far beyond pissed off though, not sure what the next level up word is, but I'll let any readers just pick one for themselves.

Such things tend to be regional, the jargon, I mean.

Anyway, as time moved on into this December 2012, I was rather happy with my Hubpages subdomain.  I started this monetized writing game there, and so I've always focused most of my efforts there.  I'm the kind of person who gets fond of old pairs of boots, if you know what I mean.

In early December I was averaging about twelve hundred page views per day.  I wasn't making a whole lot of money, but the averages of daily income were steadily increasing, I couldn't complain.  What happened next was ...something not of my doing.

I'd wrote a page there titled Henry Kissinger, Architect of The New World Order, and someone somewhere decided they really really liked that page, I guess.  The page got linked on, and from there it got linked on  All of a sudden, and mostly to that one page, my traffic was spiking to over five thousand page views per day.

Now obviously, I was very happy with all of that, but as soon as the buzz died down some, the sandbox was where my subdomain was relocated for Google search.

Turns Out, I Was Wrong.

I suppose it is human nature to jump to conclusions, especially conclusions focused on the self. It's certainly my nature to forever be thinking about me, and that is certainly a personal failing of mine.

My news feed over at Hubpages has made it clear that I'm not the guy in the sandbox, the entire website is.  In fact, I've not found anyone who is saying they aren't in a terrific traffic slump there.

Of course many months back Hubpages attempted to do something about the loads of shoddy content on the larger site, and they allowed for the creation of every account holder to have their own subdomain, or mini website within the framework of the much larger website.

Supposedly, this was to allow for everyone's work to stand or fall on its own, and to me, it seemed like a total stroke of brilliance on the part of the staff there.  I was thriving under subdomain was non stop increasing with traffic and earnings.  Apparently, Google just recently decided they don't approve of these shenanigans. 

What I'm Going To Do About My Sandbox.

First and foremost, and I mean this very seriously, and despite using Chrome as my browser of choice, and being oh so obviously an Adsense affiliate, I'm going to stop using Google's search engine.

I'm done.  I'll use Bing, or Yahoo, or I don't know what I'll learn to love yet, but I can't endorse the power wielded by Google in regards to search.  Google, however, can't much be escaped from, can it?  It bothers me, but I'm moving huge chunks of my HP account to the most appropriate blogger blogs.

I see no point in waiting out a sandbox effect at Hubpages.  There is no way to determine how long that could go on.  I don't have to tell you, but taking quality and bunk material alike from one monster website and unilaterally deciding via machine or human decision all of it is all not good for the searchers or users of Google's search engine at all.