There are a few common misconceptions about metal engraving. The facts are that, though this is a very professional process, almost everyone can get engraving services that are budget friendly. But in order to select the right engraver, you should understand what you should expect.

First of all, it is important to note that engraving is not like printing. The engraving process requires the use of diamonds to file the surface, and make it ready for engraving. This filing process is somewhat like when a farmer plows a field. Sometimes lasers are used to burn off the surface layer as well. Some people mistakenly believe that engraving is done by adding ink to the metal's superficial layer. There is no form of engraving that does this. Though there are some other forms of engraving, but lasers and diamond dragging are the main methods.

Another common misconception about metal engraving, is the belief that all metals can be engraved. Just because you have a metal item, does not mean that it can be engraved. If a metal surface is rough and grainy, there is absolutely no way to engrave it. You can't get the metal smooth enough to accept the engraving, and the roughness competes with the engraving, that the engraver will be trying to accomplish for you. There are also some metal surfaces that are plated. There are many reasons that you might not know that the metal item that you have is engraved.

Sometimes manufacturers mislead consumers, or a person that has given you a gift did not pay enough attention before buying it, and didn't realize that the item was merely plated. Some plated surfaces will engrave somewhat nicely. But sometimes it works out terribly, if the plating job was badly done. If you discover by engraving that you have a bad plating job, your item's plating will start to peel off all over, and your item will immediately begin to look tarnished, scratched up and old.

Fortunately though, most plated items can be engraved with a 95% success rate.

Another common engraving misconception is that all engravers have the same abilities. Sometimes if a retailer tells you that your item cannot be engraved, then it simply means that he can't engrave it. Sometimes if you shop around, you will find a vendor that can engrave your item. Watches are a common example of this. Sometimes watches have tons of manufacturer stamps, and symbols all over the back, without regard to the fact that the consumer may want to engrave it. Some retailers will be able to do metal engraving on the arc for you, or around the edges.