Child prodigies can come in all kinds of forms. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Mozart all started their later passions at a very young age. Children have been often compared to sponges, as they absorb everything around them much more efficiently than their adult counterparts. Whether it comes to learning a new language, developing a specific sport skill, or even learning a musical instrument, it can be a great idea to begin early. Musical instruments a child can learn to play, but guitars are one very popular and versatile instrument. When it comes to children wishing to play the guitar, it is often the problem of finding the right equipment which can be quite a challenge.

Often, guitar manufacturers which typically make quality instruments simply fall short when it comes to models designed for kids. Generally the parts of the guitar remain too large for the efficient use by small hands. For example, the guitar's neck will often be too wide to hold, the frets are too far apart, and the guitar's body is often too cumbersome and bulky. Children sitting behind their new instrument are often dwarfed by the size of the guitar, and unable to hold or play it properly. This can be very frustrating to the beginning student, and this can even deter a promising student if not corrected.

Luckily there are those guitar manufacturers that are beginning to be aware of this problem. Ibanez, for example, has begun making electric models designed just for children. Taylor, often associated with being the leader in acoustic guitars, has also begun making child friendly models. Now that a market has been discovered and developed for child sized quality guitars, it may be important to look around to see which make and style will best suit their specific and independent needs.

Some cheap acoustic guitars now on the market are made by Taylor. Their popular guitar style like the 410-CE has been reproduced into a smaller version, by shrinking down each individual component which better fits within child hands. Another Taylor option would be the BT1, with its smaller neck and body. These such models are appropriate for children as little as four years old to be handle effectively, while remaining versatile enough to grow with them into the teenage years. Such guitars are generally a substantial investment, and can cost several hundred dollars.

For those who prefer electric models, Ibanez has begun fashioning models also just for children. Electric guitars have been sought after for their ability to retain tone and pitch. Such child electric versions are no exception. Many Ibanez models are now available which are 3/4 the size of their full sized companions, but provide all of the same quality and sound. This type of kids guitar produces its sound with the aid of an amplifier, so it can be a bit more pricy as a result. In this case it is not just the guitar, but also the amplifier that needs to be purchased.

For the true child prodigy to be able to properly pursue their love of music, and desire to play an instrument, the proper equipment is absolutely necessary. Cheap guitars at discount stores often simply don't measure up. However, quality child guitars can be a pricy investment. It is important to foster the talent in those who genuinely wish to make that commitment. Learning an instrument can be hard work and requires a lot of practice. For the younger child who shows an interest, it is better to fully support that interest. But just like a first pet, it is very important to be certain of the passion and commitment upfront, before making the possibly costly investment.