If you are thinking of buying a new motorbike you may be overwhelmed by the many different types and options available. There are different classes into which motorbikes fall including cruisers, sports bikes and off road or dirt bikes. Finding out what features each of these classes include can help in your search for the perfect motorbike for you. Below we describe each of these classes and their features so that you can have the information you need when you are shopping for your new bike.

The most common class is the cruiser. These types of motorcycle are easy to drive, very long lasting and economical. This category also offers the consumer the largest number of options for design and style. The basic design features standard seat, basic handle bars, and is designed for comfort. They are manufactured for good handling at the higher speeds and easy turning. One disadvantage of this type is their tendency to be on the heavy side compared to other classes of motorcycles.

Nearly all custom made motorcycles also fall under the category of a cruiser because of their type of designs and features. Thoroughly modified motorcycles called choppers are also a type of cruiser bike. Another popular type of cruiser is the tour bike which is made to be comfortable as they are usually used for long trips.

Sports bikes are another type which are built for speed. Should you be looking for high speed rather than for comfort, this is the type of motorcycle to choose. We would not recommend this type of motorcycle for longer rides as they are designed for racing. Most sport bikes are very light with a sturdy suspension. They give the operator the ability to make tight turns at high speeds.

One great option that combines two types is a dual sport style. This type of bike sports larger tires and it can be ridden on any street or off road surface with ease. This combination is ideal for someone who enjoys riding their motorcycle commuting in addition to off road biking.

Off Road motorcycles are enjoyed by individuals of all ages as a motorbike license is not needed, although you won't be able to ride one on the street. Off road bikes are frequently used for racing on dirt tracks or climbing dirt hills and are frequently called dirt bikes by their riders. They don't have headlights or turn signals.

Once you've decided on the type of motorbike that you need it's time to check out and test ride some bikes that are within your budget. Take your time and make sure the one you choose fits your needs, feels good to ride and is within your price range.