So, you wake up in the morning and go to use the bathroom, as you lift the seat and look down into the bowl you are greeted with a yellowish-brown pile that resembles Mt. Shasta. Then you remember your teenager, who always uses too much tissue, went to the Burrito Hut last night with his pals. You start looking for the plunger; after searching you find your precious little rubber friend in the back yard where it was being used by your daughter as a weapon on the annoying neighbor boy. After cleaning off all of the leaves and dirt, you return to the scene of the slime and get right to work.

The first thing to remember when considering how to unclog a toilet with a plunger; is to keep the area around the bowl clear as you start the reclamation project, you do not want anything like rugs or bath slippers getting soiled by the inevitable back splash as you proceed. Human waste can be particularly toxic and causes many problems if not handled properly.

After removing any sensitive items from the bathroom floor you should, to ensure proper ventilation, open a window if you have one or at least turn on the exhaust fan to remove any odorous fumes you may encounter. In some extreme cases the natural methane gases that are released as we go through our digestives processes can not only be unpleasant, but also can actually be harmful if not vented thoroughly and completely. It is not always necessary to wear a mask but if you have a bandana, you might want to consider using it. Dampen the cloth, tie it securely around your face over your nose, and let it drape down over your mouth as an added bit of protection from back splashes. Learning how to unclog a toilet can be a dirty and unpleasant, but necessary task.

Once you have prepared the area, you can begin the plunging process. Be careful when plunging into the bowl, the down stroke usually produces the most back splash. After doing several slow up and down plunges one good last upward pull usually frees the offending blockage and lets the toilet flow freely. If the first application of the slow up and down does not work, step out of the room take a long deep breath and try it again. That second round of slow up and down plunges should do the job. Give the bowl a good cleaning and you are ready to go.