Remember that the tyres on your car are probably one of the most important components for keeping you safe and secure on the road.

Here are some top tips for keeping your tyres in tip top condition and ensuring your safety.

You should check your tyres visually at least once a week, check that the tread depth is within the legal limit, a tyre tread depth gauge is a good investment. Also check that the tyre is wearing evenly across the width of the tyre, if it isn't consult a garage or tyre specialist, uneven wear could mean incorrect pressure and/or a problem with your steering alignment. It is worth having your steering alignment checked on a regular basis especially if you have hit the kerb or gone into a pothole, again consult a garage or tyre specialist. It is also worth checking the tread for small stones and other objects such as nails and if you suspect any damage have the tyre checked. As well as checking the tread, check the sidewalls of the tyre - under inflation in the past could have caused damage, which takes time to show up.

Check your tyre pressures at least once a week and follow the vehicle Manufacturer's guidance (recommended pressures will be in the car handbook or prominently displayed within the vehicle), check the pressures when the tyres are cold and inflate if necessary. If you are carrying a heavy load, pulling a trailer or have extra passengers you may need to increase the tyre pressure in line with the vehicle manufacturers recommendations.When checking pressures use a reliable gauge, which is a lifetime investment. I always use the same garage if I have to inflate my tyres I do this on the basis that the gauge on the airline should be consistent week by week.

Don't forget to check your spare tyre and wheel. There is nothing worse than a puncture when you don't have a replacement wheel and serviceable tyre.

If you want your tyres to last a bit longer check them on a weekly basis and remember that tyres will last longer if you don't accelerate hard, don't brake hard and corner well within the limits of the car and driver. Remember it's your safety and the safety of other road users that depend upon the way that you drive, and in the long run you might find your tyres last longer, you use less fuel, driving becomes less stressful and your money goes that little bit further.