The Internet has evolved from being a supplier of information, a gateway to entertainment, and an avenue of communication and networking, into a source of lucrative income for individuals. Earning money online has been so successful that a number of individuals have given up their 9 to 5 jobs so they can focus on increasing their profitability online. The opportunities to earn money online has attracted many people because it is more convenient compared to their previous jobs. Some people do not even have to go out of the comfort of their homes to earn a living in the Internet.

There are plenty of ways in making money online. One of the simplest is being paid to click on advertisements. The websites that host these jobs pay 1 cent per ad clicked. The more ads that a person clicks, the more money he makes. In addition, these websites also pay the person 1 cent when any of his referrals click an advertisement. The income from this scheme depends on the number of active referrals and the number of ads clicked regularly.

Answering paid surveys is another simple way of earning money online. However, participants in the survey are limited since those who can take part should fit into the demographic of the respondents. The profits from surveys depend on the kind and length of the survey.

People who have the ability to work with haste can work as a data encoder. Data entry jobs usually get paid per hour of work because most of these tasks need to be accomplished immediately. Some of these tasks are encoding of data into spreadsheets, putting a company directory in order, browsing through thousands of e-mails to obtain needed information, and rewriting e-books into word documents.

Those who have skills in writing can earn a lot through article writing. They can either freelance and get paid per article or put up and maintain their own blogs. The latter earns revenues through advertisements displayed on their websites. Some bloggers have claimed to earn as much as $10,000 a month. The key to making it big in blogging is to increase the traffic of people visiting the website since more people would increase the probability of people clicking and viewing the advertisements featured. People usually flock websites that are rich in content.

Individuals who have technical skills and experience such as in web design and layout can make a lot of money online. Usually, their expertise is sought for the construction of websites, maintenance, and troubleshooting when problems arise. The demand for this proficiency does not run out because there are millions of websites created each day.

There are many other ways of making money online such as foreign exchange trading, affiliate marketing, tutorial and teaching, and selling products. The important thing, however, to continually earn revenue from these methods is a person's commitment and diligence.