Stretch marks are ugly and unsightly. Many people want to get rid of these marks as they can mar the appearance of perfect skin. Stretch marks come about as a result of the skin being stretched as in weight gain or pregnancy. They first appear as red marks on the skin, and later fade to a white color, although they are still visible. Commercial stretch mark creams are expensive, that is why many people are interested in the use of home remedies for stretch marks.

It is relatively easy to make a remedy for stretch marks although you will need a few specific ingredients. Olive oil or bio oil is generally a must. Most people use some sort of oil to rub on their stretch marks. Vitamin E in combination, with one of the above also works nicely as a Different Was to Get Rid of Stretch Marks. Some of the possible combination of homemade stretch mark reducers can be found in a list form below.

Hopefully you will find that some of these are useful for reducing your stretch marks and make your marks less visible or disappear completely. Home remedies for stretch marks have given hope.

Lots of women have found excellent results with these home remedies for stretch marks:

>>>> Olive oil applied to the skin twice daily…This can be a great and inexpensive way to rid yourself of these unsightly marks.

>>>> Emu oil…From a health food store and vitamin E can also be a potent combination in the war against stretch marks.

>>>> African black soap… Combined with a palm oil of some sort on the skin for two minutes, and rinsing off seems to work for some people.

>>>> Paste of sugar, honey and olive oil on the skin left on for two minutes… Is one of the home remedies for stretch marks. This topical treatment that also works for individuals that are trying to reduce stretch marks.

These are some homemade stretch mark remedies, that can be used easily and effectively by individuals wishing to have perfectly unblemished skin. Other natural remedies exist for those that wish to remove these unsightly marks from the skin. One of the other things to know about stretch mark removal is that it helps to exfoliate the skin using a sponge that will remove dead skin cells. It should be possible to do this when showering or bathing.

Home remedies for stretch marks include:

>>>> Brushing the stretch marks…So they begin to redden and then applying witch hazel, and bio oil commonly is often part of homemade stretch mark remedies.

>>>> Using a vitamin E…Cream on the stretch marks is also a great thing to do this is often found in drugstores, apothecaries or those stores that carry natural products.

>>>> Cocoa butter…In its purest form may be useful in purposes of getting rid of stretch marks. This is the type of cocoa butter in stick form. Home remedies for stretch marks can consist of many things.

Methods that can be used to get rid of these marks also include a combination of aloe and olive oil, for best results put on the area that has the marks and leave on for twenty minutes before moving. One of the other methods that one can use to get rid of these marks is to use a combination of vitamin A and vitamin E combined with oil on the skin.

There are several remedies that one can use to get rid of stretch marks. Laser Treatment of Stretch Marks is also an option to look into. The best thing is to find the best of the home remedies for stretch marks that will work for you. This is an easy thing for individuals to do. The best advice to experiment with the methods until you find which of the remedies will work the best for you. Most of the treatments are readily available in stores, grocery stores or other retail establishments.

Stretch marks don't need to be disfiguring. Home remedies for stretch marks are readily available, and you don't have to have lifelong reminders of your weight gain or child birth. Work at them and get rid of them forever, by using natural methods to help with these unsightly and embarrassing marks.