There are many ways to help alcoholics who are struggling to get sober but most of them do not work so great. It is very difficult to actually help an alcoholic directly and sometimes the best you can do is to point them in the right direction with gentle guidance. The fact of the matter is that you can not really force a person to do anything, and this is especially true when someone is self destructing.

One of the best ways to help an alcoholic is to simply get out of their way when they are screwing up their life and falling down flat on their face. This might sound mean or even cruel but actually it is the quickest way for the alcoholic to realize the true depth of their problem and take action to correct it. If a drunk is basically doing alright in their life, and things are going fairly well even though they are getting wasted every day, do you really think they are going to try and get sober at that point? Of course not. No alcoholic has ever tried to stop drinking when things were going well in their life. They only try to change when the chips are down. Pain is the motivating factor when it comes to quitting drinking. If the alcoholic is not suffering serious pain in their life due to their drinking, then they will not stop. It is as simple as that.

So how does this information show us how to help alcoholics? Well the point is that we need to stop enabling the alcoholic and we need to withdrawal emotional support from them when they try to justify their drinking. Does this imply that we have to be mean to the alcoholic? No it does not. What it means is that we have to let them fall on their face without rescuing them all the time. It also means that we have to stop supporting them emotionally when it comes to their drinking.

For example, if they say "you would drink too if you had my problems," then you need to see through this kind of justification and realize that it is hogwash. Everyone has problems. The alcoholic deals with them using alcohol because they are a sick person, not because their problems are any worse than other people's. Denial is their ability to cling to the belief that they are justified in excessive drinking of alcohol. The belief that they "deserve it" is not going to help serve them in any way, but they cannot see that they are only hurting themselves with this kind of logic.