Women hair loss causes her to feel distressed and have low self-esteem especially since the loss of hair is mainly considered as a male related issue. This condition does vary from one individual to another, however the key to women hair loss causes needs to be understood and in this way a correct treatment can be used.

The most common cause of women hair loss is medically called androgenetic alopecia or in simple terms hereditary thinning. This kind of condition is inherited from either side of the gene pool. This does lead to hair thinning in women but not total baldness. It can begin as early as in the teenage years or in the twenties. Some times it can also occur in the thirties. Unfortunately there is no cure for this but there are women hair loss treatment, such as a topical ointment called Minoxidil. It can be applied to the scalp two times a day for positive results.

Another solution that is not only painful and expensive is hair transplant. In this procedure hair is moved from an area of normal hair growth to an area with little or no growth on the scalp. This is considered a surgical procedure so be sure to follow all the recommendations of your doctor.

Bleaching, hair colors, straighteners and perms are all chemical processes which with improper use can cause hair loss in women. If these processes are done correctly as per the instructions enclosed in the kit they will rarely ever cause any damage. Over use and misuse of these products can cause the hair follicle to become weak and thus easily break. The good news is that there is a hair loss  treatment for women for this  scalp issue. It's quite simple in fact, discontinue the use of any chemicals. This should restore the condition of your hair once the damaged hair is grown out. Be sure to cut it or trim it as well.

A condition called alopecia areata is a type of hair loss in women that can occur at any age. Sufferers of this condition loose hair in clumps and this leaves behind round circular bald patches on the scalp. In very rare and extreme cases it can lead to baldness.  This women hair loss cause is unclear but the hair does tend to grow back after some time. Dermatologists have had great success in treating this condition for women who suffer from it.

Either an over active or under active thyroid can lead to female hair loss. This thyroid disease has to be diagnosed and the physician is able to treat any hair loss with this condition successfully.

Another cause is infection. A severe infection or the flu or even a high temperature can cause women hair loss. Some women notice that even four weeks after a bout of illness, they notice a tremendous amount of hair loss. This is due to the fact that instead of your hair strand going into the resting phase it uses the energy to heal the body. Once the body is totally healed the hair will return to its normal thickness.

There are some drugs out there that list loss of hair as a side effect of that medication label. Prescription drugs that treat arthritis, blood thinning, depression, cardiac issues or hypertension may all cause hair loss. A recent study also revealed that a high dose of vitamin A can cause female hair loss.

Believe it or not, diet can affect your strands of hair. A lack of protein or a crash diet can lead to malnutrition and cause some degree of hair loss. The body will not allow new hair growth as it will want to conserve the protein for else where.  So how do we fix this one. Simple follow a healthy and well-balanced diet and this should reverse the current condition.

Be sure to have you hair loss condition diagnosed by a physician and discuss what if the best and most appropriate treatment . In addition, let the physician know of any other symptoms you may be having and follow all recommendations.