I guess we all know how many ways are there to help you get rid of unwanted hair. Some of these ways or methods are cheaper than others, and some are more effective and less painful, but can be rather costly for the average customer. So when we talk about laser hair removal equipment, to which category it should be referred?

Removing hair with a laser machine won't be the cheapest way out there, obviously, so why it has become quite popular today? Are these devices and the process safe and effective?

The answer is: yes and no. How? Well, actually, of course, it is more 'yes', but it will depend on different factors like laser device type, skin color, health condition and particular characteristics of the patient's bodily mechanism.

There are several types of hair removal laser equipment that can be used successfully on different skin types (generally we can divide them into two: light and dark).

So the laser equipment for hair removal can have different wavelength of the laser beams and this is how it is divided into types. Such devices as KTP, ERBIUM, Pulse DYE and Alexandrite have short length of laser light waves, and they are very effective for removing unwanted hair on a light colored skin.

For dark skin one will need a longer wavelength of laser beams; it will allow the laser light to penetrate the skin deeper and reach hair follicle. The need for longer wave comes from the problem lasers have in distinguishing between the skin's and hair's melanin (a coloring pigment). In the case of short waves lasers cannot properly discriminate one from another, so the treatment can lead to zero, or even to some side effects like burns and scars. Nd: YAG and sometimes Diode lasers can be effective for dark skin treatments.

If you look for a laser hair removal equipment for sale, it is not really difficult to find especially if you do some online research; but one thing that must be there is the FDA's stamp of approval; it is a sign of guarantee that the device is safe to work and provides the promised result. If you plan to get the laser hair removal machine for your home (which can be a great investment in a long run), first of all you need to consider your skin color; the best way is to visit a doctor and get advised before you start your treatment – this will minimize possible risks and you will get the most of the process.