If you have lots of electronic entertainment devices such as DVD players, TV, stereo, etc. then you probably have multiple remotes lying around your living room. Wouldn't it be easier to be able to control all of these units are one controller? A Logitech Harmony universal remote can do just that. These remotes has some great features that you can surely take advantage of. This article will talk about just some of the features available on these remotes.

One of the great features that all Logitech Harmony remotes have is, one touch activity buttons. These are one of the reasons why Harmony remotes are so easy to use. What these buttons do, is they allow you to switch what you're doing very quickly. For example, you can go from watching TV to watching a movie with the press of a button. This will make using your remote extremely simple rule and enjoyable.

Another feature that Logitech Harmony remotes do, is they replace existing remotes. If you are an organized person like me you find it easier to have everything in one spot. So I have all your remotes on one? You won't have as much clutter around the room and you'll even save a little bit of money on buying batteries for all your ex-remotes. So if you love organization and consolidation Harmony remote is probably right up your alley.

The last feature that I'll talk about regarding Logitech Harmony remotes is, the great support that Logitech has for them. Nothing is worse than buying electronic device and not being able to set up. The only thing worse than that, is not having a number that you can call for help to give you direction. Harmony remotes come with live support. If you are having a problem getting your remote setup Logitech will gladly help you and set you in the right direction.

In closing, if you were ever intimidated to buy a universal remote, the Logitech Harmony may be for you. The features of this remote make easy-to-use and well worth the money you'll pay for it. The one touch activity buttons allow anyone of any age to operate one of these remotes. They also allow you to replace your old remotes with just a single one. Also, the support that Logitech offers you with these remotes is top-of-the-line. They can answer any and all questions that are Harmony related. So if you're looking for a great universal remote, with lots of great features, check out Logitech Harmony universal remotes.