Some meanings to dreams

When you are stressed you may stuff it in your waking hours and it will crop up in your sleep patterns. Anxiety dreams include trying to get through to someone on the phone. As you dial the numbers are in the wrong pattern, or you can't see the key pad. Sometimes there is a connection and the person can't hear you or you can't hear them. The static blocks clear communication. Your body is trying to tell you something. Either there is someone in real life you want to speak to and don't know how, or it's yourself you're avoiding.

Sometimes you dream you are looking and looking for a bathroom. Its always out of order, or just around the corner. You can't follow the directions given. You wake up because you need to pee. Likewise sometimes in dreams everytime you sit down to a meal you are interrupted. The food never quite gets into your mouth. People walk in on you, or the restaurant is closed or you are waiting and waiting for the food to come to the table. You wake up hungry. Your body knows even in sleep what it needs.

Dream books will tell you if you dream about eating an apple it has some kind of Adam and Eve significance. Don't believe them. That might be true if you are an English major in college reading the bible on some sort of study. For most people the subconscious won't register anything you are not familiar with. So why would an apple evoke Adam and Eve to you? Ask yourself, instead, what an apple means to You. Do you have childhood memory of fighting with your brother over an apple? Do you remember it symbolizing a reward from your teacher? What an apple means to You, is what an apple is going to mean in Your dream.

Your dreams belong to you. I once had a boyfriend who got upset with me because of something I did or said in his dream. I tried to point out to him how I had no control over what he was dreaming, and he would have none of it. We were sleeping in the same bed. He was convinced I had psychically entered his head and messed with him. The actions he was describing didn't even sound like something I would say or do. I think in his dream I was representing an aspect of himself he wished to explore. Many people, especially in their early twenties need to get in touch with their feminine side.

I say that, and yet I have had "shared" dreams with people I was close to. On the last night I spend in Chicago, a city where I had lived 13 years, I slept with a friend and all night long we shared the same dream. We woke up periodically, about seven or ten times that night, and joshed each other, "Did you see that?" or "wasn't that amazing?" We were close. We shared the images awake and asleep. Another time I dreamed of things that were shown on the TV, even though I didn't have the TV on myself. I found out at work the next day when I was regaling my co-worker with my very "funny" dream, and she reported to me that I was repeating the comedy show that had shown the night before. If you are intuitive these things happen. So don't believe the interpretations of dreams you read in books. Check for yourself what you think they mean.