I discovered this band a couple of years back, and it struck me right away - why have I never heard of these guys? It's a scottish indie-pop group formed in 2002 by Riley Briggs and they're named after the scottish city Aberfeldy.

Their sound is absolutely amazing and very mellow, and sure deserves a listen by everyone, despite musical preferences - they are completely different from anything I've heard (at least from modern bands).

apparently they are not completely unknown. One of their "popular" songs, Summer's Gone, have appeared in a variety of commercials, including a diet coke commercial in the US and Canada.

They can be followed on MySpace, where it's also possible to get a taste of their incredible music.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling on and let you listen to some of the fantastic songs made by Aberfeldy.

Summer's Gone


Ari Hest

An American song-writer who I discovered a couple of years back. I haven't yet heard a lot of his work, but the stuff that I've heard is truly amazing. Like Aberfeldy the sound is very mellow.

Ari Hest is what some people would call a musical genius. He plays a variety of instruments and has worked with music his entire life, but also has a degree in communication from NYU!

This very talented man, has a true talent for writing extraordinary lyrics and has a very distinct and incredible vocal to support them. The vocals are in the high seat on the acoustic songs I've heard and that surely is not a shame!

Theres a great article about him on Wikipedia, that also describes an interesting and truly ambiguous project of his called "52". This was a project lasting an entire year, where listeners could pay a one-time-fee to receive 52 brand new recordings, one each week. So for a year, Ari Hest wrote, recorded and published a new song every week for his fans - with great success.

Prepare to relax, enjoy and be amazed:

So Slow

Ari Hest

The Blue Van

Since I am Danish, wouldn't it be wrong of me not to add an upcoming Danish band to the list?

The Blue Van, is a band I've followed for years. They are an alternative blues-rock band and they're hitting with the song "there goes my love" at the moment, which you might have heard in the i pad commercial. I actually heard them live earlier this year and i gotta say - they aren't worse live than on record!

If you're into alternative rock music, this is definitely something you should check out!

Although "there goes my love" is an amazing song, I'd rather have you hear one of their other great compositions.

Well, time to lean back, pop a beer and turn up the volume:

Silly Boy

The Blue Van