More and more people are choosing to stop smoking because of the benefits that are increasingly being noted. It was only up until a little while ago that cigarette companies were able to advertise their products on everything and everyone. From sporting figures to racing cars, to billboards to buildings. They essentially had a free rein in being able to advertise wherever they pleased. It has only been in recent years that governments have begun to outlaw tobacco advertising and with this, we started to see a decline in the numbers of people both smoking and taking up the habit. This alone is a wonderful sign - knowing that increasingly people are choosing to not smoke and to quit. Although there is much work to be done, many more people are experiencing the benefits of not smoking. This article will outline some of the major benefits so that you can use them for motivation to stop smoking.

Benefit 1:
You don't have to spend so much money on dead tobacco leaves anymore. If you have or had been smoking a packet a day that would equate to around $5000 a year. Wouldn't you prefer to spend that money on something real and healthy? Like a family holiday where you can reward yourself with piece of mind and relaxation. For many people, the cost alone is a central driver as to why you'd stop.

Benefit 2:
You don't have to feel guilty anymore polluting the body with chemicals and poisons. Did you know that the same poisons that are found in fuel, laundry detergent and fabric softener are also found in tobacco? You wouldn't go to your laundry cabinet and consume laundry detergent for fun would you? You mind can begin to rest easy when you quit, you can stop worrying so much about getting sick, or having your kids get sick due to your smoking. That old story of tobacco related worry will be over with.

Benefit 3:
Within 10 years your health will be much the same as someone who hasn't smoked. The fact of the matter is many long term smokers won't give up because they assume that the damage has already hurt their body too much. Well, some of the damage can be reversed, enabling your body to go back to a normal state.

Benefit 4:
You won't stink. The smell is ghastly to non smokers. Whenever you have someone sit in your car, or come round to your house you won't ever have to worry about having it smell like tobacco again. As soon as you quit, you can get your car deodorized and never have to worry about that smell again.

These are just some of the major benefits that could help you stop smoking. Maybe add a comment at the bottom outlining any tips you may have come across that helped you!