So winter is here again – well, not quite, but you know how time flies, and before you know it, you will have to start dressing warmer than usual, turning up the heating and you will start to miss those nice sunny days.

It is also time to watch out for your skin, just like you would in the summer months. However, unlike summer, you will now notice your skin becoming a lot drier than usual.

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You may feel this in your lips particularly, and this is something to take care of. So, if you are in the chilly part of the world then look out for some of these natural skin care tips.

The main dry skin cause winter?

Your skin needs moisture, and you may think that the cold season might help with this. However, you are not going to be sitting in the outdoors hopefully. You will be inside with the cental heating switched on. This is one factor that contributes to this. When you do go outside, you will find that it is often windy, and this will also dry your skin out.

Of course, you don’t have to go completely natural, but according to research, and from what people are saying, it seems the wise choice, to stick to the best organic skin care.  It seems that  this is what people prefer, and most importantly, it is doing the job.

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There are no major changes. It is not like you are going to be changing from one moisturizer to another, but there are just a few things you can do to help your skin look and feel great, and learn how to improve skin complexion.

The Essential Skin Care Tips for Winter

  • Diet – so let’s start off with what you put into your system, because that is where it all begins. This is something you should pay attention to all year round, but particularly at this time of the year. Things that hold a lot of water, which you find in salads as well as other vegetables and fruits will do the job. Focus on those veggies and fruits with lots of vitamins in them.
  • Don’t forget about water. This may be difficult to get down in those cold winter months. However, if you add a slice of orange or lemon or even boil the water, you will find it will make a big difference. Soon you will start to get used to it, and knowing that it is healthy will make all the difference.
  • Fats – You may be surprised by this next point, and want to avoid it. However, when it comes to your Omega 3, then you will want to reconsider. Stick to oilive oil and polyunsaturated fats.
  • Hot water – stick to luke warm water for those hot soaks. This will probably mean that you won’t want to spend hours in the tub, but hot water is not going to do a whole lot of good for your skin, so this is something to remember.
  • Oil – instead of a bath, substitute this for an oil massage. This is luxurious and you will feel great afterwards. You can do it yourself and leave it on for 30 minutes just so that it is absorbed by the skin and the blood circulation starts to improve. You an use coconut or apricot oil, but really your options are endless.
  • Soap – remember that soap does kind of mess up the ph balance of your skin so make sure that you use something that provides your body with a nice overall moisturizing quality.
  • Chapped skin – this is a big problem when the air dries out and your lips are often affected so keep them moisturized. You will do yourself a lot of good by adding extra hydration, especially where your skin usually chaps. Don’t forget about exfoliation. This will help get rid of those dead skin cells.
  • Don’t forget about exercise either. We tend to become less active during these months. Doing a few minutes of exercise every day will definitely keep the blood flowing and you will feel a whole lot better.

Last Couple of Tips for Winter Skin

  • Using a soap free face wash as well as a good toner will also combat a dry facial skin in winter. This is going to provide you with a good balance, getting that ph to the correct levels. The ingredients are very important, so look for something like seaweed which will help with the moisture. Use the toner twice a day, because this will provide you with more moisture as well. You would probably have gathered by now, that the number one dry skin cause is due to the lack of moisture, so this is what you must focus on.


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  • Use a natural  body scrub from honey and oatmeal, for example as an exfoliator. This is gentle and is the perfect thing for the lips.
  • Don't forget about the sunscreen. You will be surprised how much you will get burned on an overcast day. The sun is sneaky when it hides behind those clouds, so make sure that you are protected.
  • Face masks are also something that will help with the dry skin solution. However, make sure that you use the right one so that you get the right amount of moisture. There are some fantastic homemade face masks you can make, which will give you great results. You can use things like yogurt, avocado, oils and oatmeal.
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