Are you trying to find something fun to do this summer? Do you have kids and they’re always whining about nothing to do and how bored they are. I remember, as a kid, that we would always want to watch television because “we were bored”. So my mother would make us go outside and hang out with friends, play games, or even get into trouble. What would have been cool is to have a list like the one I’m about to build for you. It’s a list of some of the coolest and weirdest things that you can do in the outdoors. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration and go out there and have some fun.

1. Paintball

            You can do this on a free day to have a lot of fun. The best thing to do is to find an outdoor paintball place with building and huts. That makes it much more fun.


This is similar to paintball, but you use NERF bats, guns, and mallets to hunt down your friends and bash them.

3. Canoe

4. Kayak

5. Ride on a Ferry Boat for a Day

6. Visit a Local Hot Springs

7. Visit and Explore a Cave

8. Take the Scenic Route when Driving Around

9. Archery

10. Aviation

11. Coasteering

12. Take some Conservation Classes

13. Fell Running

            This is when you are specifically running up and down hills for better heart rate and exercise.

14. Firewalk

            We all know that walking on coals is quite daunting, but you could take some courses and learn how to correctly firewalk. This would impress anybody.

15. Hang Gliding

16. Go Karting

            Like Mario and Luigi, you could go Go Karting and have some fund with friends. This can get pricey though.

17. Put Put

            Some people call this miniature golf, but it’s tons of fun.

18. Horse Riding

            If you have a ranch or two around, you could definitely rent a couple horses and take a tour around the area for some scenic beauty. I remember renting a horse down in Florida and riding the horse through the water on the beach. What a blast!

19. Kite Surfing

20. Mountaineering

21. Ocean Rowing

22. Orienteering

            This is learning how to use a compass and mapping out certain terrain and finding your way back to service and help.

23. Parachuting

24. Paragliding

25. Do a Ropes Course

            We used to do this at camp. You would have to go somewhere that they have a ropes course, but you get strapped into a safety harness and walk around on rope high above the ground.

26. Take a wilderness medicine class

27. Wind Surfing

28. Yachting

29. Zorbing

            Just Google this term and find out what it is. It’s simply crazy!

30. Stunt Driving

            You can seriously take classes that will teach you how to drive like a stunt man.

31. Hacky Sac

            This is when a couple people stand around in a circle and throw a hackysac into the air. Now you must kick the hackysac up in the air to other people and not let it touch the ground, or your hands. There are many ways to hit the sac.

32. Sherpa Expedition

33. Learn Falconry

            This would be so cool!

34. Build Model Rockets

35. Play with Fireworks, but be legal and safe.

36. Hot Air Balloon Ride

            Travel your state by hot air balloon and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

37. Base Jumping

38. Helicopter Flights

39. Try Adventure Racing

            This is when people sign up as a two-person team and the company sets up adventures that you must go through while racing other teams.

40. Backyard Sleepovers

41. Beach Combing

            This is where you take a metal detector and comb the beach for valuable trinkets and hidden coins that people lose when they’re vacationing.

42. Try Birdwatching

            You can do this almost anywhere. Find some binoculars and grab a bird book for the area you live in and try to identify birds. You can also try to mimic their songs.

43. Battle Reenactments

            This would be so much fun with a large group of people.

44. Visit a Carnival

45. Copoeira

            This is a type of Brazilian dance fighting. It’s a new fad that’s growing. I once saw a group of people in Arizona doing this. It was pretty interesting.

46. Clay Pigeon Shooting

47. Cricket

48. Croquet

49. Dodgeball

50. Fruit Picking

51. Go bet on the Greyhound Races

            This could be a lot of fun, along with the next option, if you’re willing to lose some money. Who knows, you may win too!

52. Go bet on the Horse Races

53. Kite Boarding

54. Kite Buggying

55. Lacrosse

56. Jousting

57. Street Hockey

58. Run a Marathon

            You could even train all summer to do a marathon. This would keep you quite busy.

59. Mountain Boarding

60. Outdoor Photography

61. Piggy Backs Fights

62. Go on a Picnic with Family and Friends

63. Quad Biking

64. Go to a Theme Park like Six Flags

65. Rugby

66. Go on a Safari

            You don’t necessarily have to go to Africa to go on a safari. There are cities that have small safari trips too.

67. Scavenger Hunts

68. Sightseeing

69. Street Luge

70. Trampolining

            Be careful doing this. I once broke my leg on a trampoline.

71. Volleyball

72. Build a Treehouse

73. Triathlon

74. Have a Water Fight

            Stay cool and have a lot of fun with your family or friends by keeping cool during those hot days of summer.

75. Bridge Jumping

76. Crabbing

77. Hover Crafting

78. Raft Building

79. Wakeboarding

80. Dog Sledding

            This may not be a summer activity, but it’s certainly a great idea for something to do in the outdoors, especially in the winter.

81. Luge

82. Ice Climbing

83. Ice Racing

84. Skeleton Bob

85. Airboarding

86. Geocaching

            This is when you play hide and seek with a GPS device.

87. Roller Skating

            You could either go roller skating or roller blading. Either way, you could make it so the skating could be like dancing.