The good things about God of War is that it is fun, exciting, and action packed. God of War has a mixture of all of the things that makes a excellent game. It has action, adventure, and it requires a little brain power to completely complete. It makes you smarter and could be one of the best games that the world has ever seen.


The bad things about God of War is that not everyone can play it. Some of the characters are not fully dressed and it contains a lot of blood and gore. The game could negatively influence young viewers. Another bad thing is that you could get frustrated trying to figure out what has to be done to pass certain areas of the game.

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God of War is a series of games which include the first God of War, god of war

the second God of War, God of War 2,

god of war 2

and the newer God of War, God of War 3

god of war 3 walkthrough

The story shows how one brave spartan named Kratos gets his revenge. Each story is different from the first. The amount of action would give any action lover a thrill. The game, however, is not suitable for all audiences. The game is fun and action packed and will keep someone enjoyed for a long time.


First, we'll discuss the first God of War. It tells most of Kratos's story. Kratos was in a army and he was about to be killed by a barbarian when he screamed to Aires, the god of war, where Kratos told Aires that he would give his life to him and Aires accepted Kratos's offer and granted Kratos the Blades of Chaos. Kratos then used the blades to kill the barbarian and went on to fight the rest of the war. Kratos was a brutal killer killing person after person and in the chaos he killed his own wife and child. Kratos was deeply upset at the sight of what he had done and blamed his attacks on Aires. The village elder then gave Kratos the ashes of the people he had killed and was then known as the ghost os sparter because of the white color of the ashes on his skin. He then went on a journey to kill Aires by using a secret box called Pandora's Box. The box had the power to kill any god. He faced many enemies and when he finally found the box Aires had been watching him and threw a wooden sphere many miles across many oceans and that was when the sphere caught and killed Kratos. Kratos was sent to the depths of Hades and he somehow managed to escape. A dith digger somehow knew that this would happen and already had Kratos's grave dug. Kratos then left Hades's world and went on to face Aires. Kratos opened Pandora's Box and he was granted the power to kill Aires. He succeded and thought that there was no hope for him and he jumped off a mountain and just when death was awaiting him Athen saved him and brought him to the gods's hom called Olympus. Athena then granted him the Blades of Olympus. He then went on to sit in Aires's old thrown as the new God of War.

god of war3

Next, we'll discuss God of War 2. In God of War 2 Kratos was the God of War and was about to go to athens. He was about to destroy a statue that was wreaking havoc and in order to do so he would have to drain all of his powers into the blade of Olympus. After he drained all of his powers zeus appeard betrayed Kratos and killed him Kratos was sent down to the depths of Hades. He escaped and went on a quest to kill zeus. He meant many titans and they granted him their powers. He then went on to meet a titan named Gaia, mother earth. He found out that zeus had imprisoned the titans many years ago and that they were forced to do certain jobs for an eternity. There was a great war between the titans and the gods. Just when the titans were about to win zeus created a weapon that changed the world. Zeus created the Blade of Olympus. Kratos came to find out that the titans also wanted revenge on zeus. Kratos joined the titan's and went on to find the sisters of fate. He killed them and traveled back in time to kill zeus. Kratos had zeus on the ropes and was about to get his revenge when Athena took the place of zeus and sacraficed her life for his. Zeus escaped and Kratos went back in time to aid the titans in the war.


Lastly, we'll discuss God of War 3. In God of War 3 Kratos finally gets his revenge on zeus. Kratos goes on a killing spree killing every god alive. His first target was Poseidon, the god of the sea. Kratos killed Poseidon and went on to kill the rest of the gods. Gaia betrayed Kratos when she threw him off of her back. Kratos was enraged. Kratos killed god to god to god. He killed almost everyone that has anything to do with Olympus. Kratos finally got to get revenge on zeus. Zeus and Kratos had a epic battle when Pandora threw herself into Pandora's box. Zeus and Kratos then went to finish each other off and Gaia showed up once more and Kratos and zeus was her targets. She tried to kill Kratos and zeus but couldn't and ended up dying in the effort. Kratos then went on to kill zeus and he finally suceeded. The world was in chaos and Kratos bravely killed himself.


In Closing

God of War can be a very fun and interesting game to play. It has a lot of weapons and can please any player. The game can be one of the best games that was ever invnted. The game takes skill, brainpower, and ethusiasm. It can be very rewarding and fun for playing with friends or enjoying playing the mini games and the challenges. Once you think you've got the skill for medium you could up the difficulty by trying to beat the game on hard or super hard.