With the recent launch of the latest iphone 4S into the mobile phone market one thing is most certain--Iphone rules again. For those who are still wondering if this gadget has any enough to attractive or spike their interest to upgrade from Iphone 4 to the recently announced Iphone 4s, here are some cool features of the phone that might catch your interest.


iphone 4S(67373)Credit: Apple computers


The truth is that there hasn’t been much change if you look at it from its out-ward appearance, but if you take the phone apart and take a peep inside it you might be fascinated by what you could find in hidden within its tight and sleekly designed case. The Iphone 4S comes packed with Dual Core A5 CPU which makes its processing power to be 2 times faster than that of Iphone 4.  


iphone 4S(67376)Credit: Apple computers


It also comes with a Dual Core GPU. The Dual Core Graphic processing Unit in the phone makes it possible for it to process graphic app and games up to 7 times faster than the previous phone. There has been some major improvement on the battery life also. It can now last up to 8 Hour talk time, 14 hours of 2G talk time, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 9 hours of wi-fi browsing. The new phone is a World phone. It is capable of CDMA & GSM in a single device. The camera has been upgrade to 8 megapixel. The camera sensor takes 3264×2448 resolution images, f 2.4 aperture, takes in more light and shoots faster pictures, with hybrid IR filter. It can also record video up to 1080P HD standard with real-time image stabilization.



iphone 4S(67375)Credit: Apple computers

The phone comes in various sizes: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB (which is the first time the Iphone comes in this size). The phone comes in black and white colors. The RAM on it is 512MB, which is good for most applications and games that requires heavy graphic processing power.



One of the newest and coolest features of the phone is Siri intelligent assistant and voice navigation. This makes it possible for users to use voice command to navigate through the Iphone menu and app--cool isn’t it? The phone comes with some improvement, especially an upgrade to iOS 5, but this are just some of the few ones that might catch your fancy.