If you or your partner do snore, chances are that a peaceful nights sleep is not so possible. We all know that a lack of sleep can make one tiresome and irritable. In addition, one's work suffers and if one is behind the wheel, one might be putting themselves and other innocent people in harm's way. Many people do snore occasionally, especially men and obese individuals. A recent study conducted showed that on average about 45 percent of men and 30 percent of women do snore on a regularly.

So what in fact does cause snoring? A person snores when the passage between the nose and throat gets narrow during sleep. The air that taken in from the mouth or nose is actually restricted. When one does fall asleep, the muscles in the throat become relaxed. So when air in taken in, it moves through the narrow airway passage, hits the soft tissue of the palate hard, and thus causing a snoring sound. Some people tend to snore softly, while others are loud and annoying. 

Some snoring causes can be associated with alcohol and drug usage. Drugs such as sleep aids or tranquilizers promote muscle relaxation, which causes the air way canal to narrow and lead to snoring.

Cold symptoms such as a stuffy nose or blocked sinuses are also known to promote snoring. A blocked or congested nose does not allow much air to enter the nasal passages, so to compensate the throat takes in the air from the mouth with extra force,

Excess weight can be another reason that can cause snoring. The extra fat tissue surrounding the air passages, constricts them, making it difficult to take in oxygen. This is especially true at night, hence overweight people tend to snore more often than others. Some times anatomy causes one to snore too. A large adenoids or tonsil, a long tongue and a deviated septum are factors that can cause an individual to snore.

The position you fall asleep in, can also be a contributing factor to your snoring. If you sleep on your back, the tongue and jaw are pulled back, which decreases the amount of air that enters the airway passage.

Sometimes it helps to know what the cause of our health issues are. However, there may be no cure. Luckily, with snoring there are many anti snoring devices available, that can help with this problem.