White gold lockets have an austere beauty that commands the attention of any who glance their way. This is one kind of jewelry that's functional as well as good looking. Because of their roomy interiors, you can carry around pictures, keepsakes, or other small items around with you at all times. White gold can cost a bit more than the yellow variety, though, so the real question is whether or not they justify the extra expense. By understanding what white gold is and why white gold lockets are so special, you'll be able to determine whether or not this item is the thing for you.

So, What is White Gold, Anyways?
While anyone can recognize that white gold is something serene, elegant, and valuable, many people have absolutely no idea what makes this alloy so different from the standard kind of gold. A white gold locket will use a gold alloy that has particular elements added to it in order to change the color. The main additive is either nickel or palladium. Palladium costs more, but makes for a more valuable alloy that much more strongly resists tarnish and corrosion. Nickel still does the job, but it doesn't have that additional benefit. It's common to put a rhodium layer on the top of the white gold locket in order to enhance the shine and hue of the piece. This keeps the locket from looking slightly brownish.

Why are White Gold Lockets Special?
White gold lockets are truly special for many reasons beyond their simply metallic makeup. For starters, they are rarer than yellow gold lockets, helping them to stand out more. This is great for having your jewelry noticed. White gold is exceptionally striking, especially when smoothly polished or enhanced with engravings and metalworking. A white gold locket is one piece of jewelry that won't fail to be noticed.

The silver-like tones of white gold feel more calming and serene than the blazing yellow tones of standard gold alloys. This makes the white gold locket have a quiet sense of joy that other pieces of jewelry simply don't have access to. The silver colors seen in a white gold locket also tend to go with a broader set of clothing, making them easier to coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe.

A locket is ultimately about making sure that your most precious memories are close to your heart at all times. Your memories deserve to be housed in the most radiant setting possible. White gold lockets are ideal for keeping things special to you in a truly fitting location.

Something Truly Special
If you're looking for something which is truly special, personal, and beautiful, a white gold locket is an amazingly good decision. Whether as a gift for someone close to you or for yourself, this is one piece of jewelry that you won't regret spending a little extra on.