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When someone is thinking about how to do some artistic work, generally the question about inspiration is raised.

Is there a thing named inspiration?

Even between the artists there are many opinions. Some say that they are professionals of the insight. Others say that they don't "feel" nothing, that they make the work, simply. Emphasizing the: "Have I to feel what?!"

But it is also said that the really great artists of all time had some "extra help" to make possible that eternal quality they did. Some music, some songs, some paintings, some writings, etc.

I am using the word "some" because there are much more trash than good things in the world of the "art". However there are a lot of masterpieces also, of course.

Returning to the inspiration issue:

What the people who are dependent of that have to do?

Have they of to wait for that special idea?

Would be an inspiration a thing to people that don't need to work?

Artists like Van Gogh used to paint over his magnificent artworks because he hadn't money to buy more paper. Then richness is not the main point! Well, it is said also that Van Gogh was crazy (that case about his ear).

Would be an inspiration to crazy people?

The "problem" with inspiration is about something that is out of our power, that we can't control!

How to sleep with a "noise" like this?

There are people that really don't care!

Are they really "immune" to that presence of mind?

Many people know they can produce efficiently when their disposition or humour reach a certain pattern that they actually "work" and they seek to entertain themselves until get there. Like children that don't know they have a genius potential.

We could to conclude that receive an information coming from somewhere unknown to our usual consciousness may be an event more common than we would imagine, even in our daily life.

In fact I am receiving an inspiration right now. The "understanding" is that if we get worried about how to get inspiration we will ocupy that "space" necessary to that "lamp".

Inspirational. I think.

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