I am completely new to Google analytics, and so I am still trying to work out all the meaning of what I see. However, I have been having a weird experience with other people's articles showing up on my Analytics pages. If I can figure this out I will let everyone know in case they are running into the same problem--if you manage to figure out what is wrong, please leave me a comment, so I will know if I just attract weirdness, or if there's something seriously wrong with Google, or what!

Screeshot of Weird Analytics

As you can see in this screenshot, this article is my Infobarrel article, "Publish your Blog on Kindle and Make Money." This article got almost 250 views in twelve hours, and was listed in the second place of search results on Google within twelve hours of publication.

Now if we look at the keywords, we see that the first one is (including quotes), "cardboard found in your own home, you will also be". This exact phrase has nothing to do with any of my articles, but instead links to csholberg's Infobarrel article, Plastic Decorative Gift Boxes with Lids. I have never written a similar article to this, so I have a hard time understanding why csholberg's article on plastic boxes should show up in my Google Analytics.

The second result for this article's keywords is (not including quotes) "bad credit harley financing." I have been on a motorcycle only twice in my life (a terrifying experience both times), and know absolutely nothing about motorcycles, harleys, financing motorcycles, and have very little experience with financing anything except on layaway! I cannot find any other user's Infobarrel article on this subject, although I did find one on financing a motorcycle for people with bad credit.

If we look at the pageviews, we see that sixteen of the twenty pageviews came from these two keywords which have nothing to do with publishing your blog on Amazon Kindle! I am completely confused beyond my ability to comprehend this!

I hope that this screenshot and analysis will help someone to find and explain the problem with Google Analytics to me--I have to admit that this is driving me crazy trying to understand what is going on here. If you have a similar problem, I wish you good luck in trying to figure it out!

Update: It appears that people were searching for those other phrases, and somehow my InfoBarrel article randomly showed up on the page, and they were intrigued enough to click on my article to read it. But wow, what a leap!

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