Kindergarten songs for graduation as well as preschool ones, are clearly going to be fun songs that the kids can be really engaged in. They can be ones that the teachers and the kids probably love to. It might even be that the songs for graduation that you have in mind are real sing a long ones that can have the whole ceremony singing together. Of course the graduation party music is a bit different again, however it will still be fun and exciting for the kids. Your task is likely to be to come up with songs for graduation maybe even for both the ceremony and the party. You certainly will not want to disappoint the little graduates.

If you think about a well balanced graduation ceremony and the songs for graduation that will enhance the ceremony it is perhaps easier to try and work out what songs to play. For example you might have a ceremony that consists of a triumphant entrance by the graduates, a song, speeches and diploma presentation, a performance by the graduates and also a final part where they march off towards their new life.

There is still a place for serious songs for graduation despite the young age of the graduates. You might just find Pomp and Circumstance uplifting and very fitting at the graduation march stage. Certainly if the kids love it at a trial run then you have at least one part of the songs for graduation.

For the music throughout the ceremony clearly you wish to play songs for graduation that the kids know and love. There are lots of songs that are age appropriate for the kids that cover excellent messages of hope for the future, having courage and always working hard, for example. Perhaps it would take a long time to research all the possible material. You can help yourself here by getting help from others on the possible song choices. Although your message may be different from the songs for graduation used in the past few years you can ask the previous group how they found the music they are played. That might just give you some great ideas for the songs you can play. Another place you can look is online. There are lots of quite excellent graduation and teacher resource sites where you can see what song ideas they have. Often there are reasons for their choice. Another place to look is the latest blockbuster kids movie which might be by Disney. The soundtrack may have meaningful songs and it may be that the kids already love the music. You might even enjoy watching the movie too!

Once you have some ideas you need to finalise your list. Combining the music you would like to play with the songs the kids really like will help. Of course for the song that the kids perform they will need to love it and also be capable of learning, and performing, it. You might choose to go with one of those tailor made songs like Now I've Learned My ABCs, for example.

I hope you find the best songs for your class no matter what stage of schooling they are at. As well as the class enjoying the music hopefully the proud parents will join in.