Stadiums and the bleachers are filled with noise not just by the screams and howls of football fans but also the songs played during NFL football games. The songs fans usually here in any football game will be discussed here.


Loud music and blaring loud speakers always go hand in hand with sports; that’s why songs played during NFL football games are always full of life and energy. The football stadium’s speaker blasting the teams’ theme songs here and there and cheerleaders cheering their lungs out feeds the growing excitement building from the rowdy crowd.

Whether it is pop, rock, hip-hop, rap or metal, the use of music that is popular to the crowd during NFL football games has become prevalent and extreme than what it used to be. For the music played during NFL football games is just a mirror to the blazing, exciting, thrilling and full of frenzy game they play. Since music has transformed into something inseparable from football games let us compile to you some of the songs you will undoubtedly hear from any frenzied football game.

We Will Rock You by Queen


Who can ever forget the immortalized line “we will we will rock you, we will we will rock you”. This song by Queen was included in their 1977 album entitled News of the World and is the epitome of football songs. The Queen’s epic song is filled with hand clapping and foot stomping and is the best way to pump up the adrenaline of football fans and players. You can hear Freddie singing about “you got mud on your face” making the fans go wild and the song ends with a smashing guitar solo by Brian May. Playing this song has become the best choice by many stadiums because of its short running time perfect for short stoppages and time outs during the game.

Enter Sandman by Metallica


 The long thunderous intro filled with smashing guitar chords and rhythmic drum beats gets the football fanatics psyched up. Enter Sandman is one of the popular songs played during NFL football games because it is aggressive heavy metal classic and nothing is more smashing in a live football game but aggressive heavy metal rock being played during the event. From their 1991 album named Metallica the song has become one of the best songs ever played on football games.

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy OsbourneCredit:

Whenever everyone hear Ozzy Osbourne cry “All aboard!” and the maniacal laugh follows the football fans go wild especially when they hear the great thumping bass guitar and the beating drums. Ozzy created this masterpiece together with Randy Rhodes to create a song full of heavy guitars and a vocal performance that can be described as scorching. This is one of the themes played during NFL football games especially by the New England Patriots – this song was their entrance theme especially during the championship run they have in the year 2000s.

Super Bowl Shuffle by 1985 Chicago Bears

One of the songs played during NFL football games the Super Bowl Shuffle is sung by cocky, rapping football players from Chicago Bears. You can hear the players like Jim Mcmahon, Mike Singletary and Walter Payton take turns in rapping and bragging about the skills they have in and out of the football field. The Bears were able to back up their song by dumping a 46–10 win over New England Patriots during Super Bowl XX. The players made this novelty song for charity and incredibly it won a Grammy nomination.

Are You Ready For Some Football? by Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr. is the son of the legendary country music singer Hank Williams Sr. His song was the most famous football theme song during 1984 but during the Monday Night Football in 1989 Hanks antics while singing the song became the ridicule of many critics. However this country music will always be one of the things we can say genuinely American football.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter

Someone said even a band of six graders can play this song and there is no arguments about that but still this song is one of the best themes played during NFL football games. This song has achieved an eternal status to all sports stadiums across the United States. It was originally a 1971 15 minute song that was divided into different 3 minute parts. Most of the lyrics may sound unintelligible but ritual chanting of “hey” over the speakers and from the audience will keep the thousands of fanatics hyped all throughout the game.

Not Afraid by Eminem


Any underdog team and its fans would love to hear some songs of inspiration and that was answered though not directly by Eminem and his song Not Afraid. The song with its lively beat and its lyrics filled with perseverance, fighting back and redemption can help change the tide of the game. The dramatic scene painted by the song can build up the excitement and tension in a football stadium. Most of all the song by Eminem once hit No.1 in the billboard that’s why many fans know the song and can sing with it.

Hell’s Bells by AC/DC

The eerie and menacing intro of bells in this song will send chills of excitement to the waiting crowd. Hell’s Bells by AC/DC was not a big hit on the music billboard charts during its time but this track from its 1980 Back in Black album has become one of the themes played during NFL football games.

We Are the Champions by Queen

Of course this song is self explanatory. This song is one of the most known songs played during NFL football games and in other sporting events. Whenever the song is played inside the stadium tears of joy will flood the stadium and the bleacher because that means their team is the Super Bowl Champion. Released in 1977 this song will continue to live on as long as there are teams in NFL that will become worthy of being called the champions.


As long as there will be NFL games that will be played and thousands of fans will still flock different stadiums in order to support their teams. Themes played during NFL football games will always be present. Whether it is intense rock or loud and hyped rap songs this songs is the best idea in pumping the adrenaline to the clamouring fans to their feet. Many of these songs have become signature tunes by different NFL teams because the songs played during NFL football games will forever put that hype into the crowd.