Sonic Colors is an action platformer developed by Dimps, published by SEGA and released in North america on November 16, 2010. The player takes control of sonic a he tries to stop Dr.Eggman from enslaving a race of aliens called wisps. The Wii version of the game switches between side-scrolling and third person perspectives while the DS version is a 2D platformer that uses both screens of the DS during gameplay.



The game's controls are smooth and responsive when playing as sonic and will be very familiar to fans of sonic rush. Sonic has his usual variety of moves from previous games like the spin-dash, homing attack, and slide along with a mid-air ground pound. A new addition to the game are the wisps who help sonic with a variety of abilities. Different wisps will grand different abilities depending on what color they posses. For example, Yellow wisps allow sonic to drill through soft ground, white wisps will give him a speed boost , and orange can give sonic access to high places. There are seven wisps available in the DS version and ten in the Wii version.


While the wisps give the game its own unique identity among other game in the series and add variety to the levels, they are often poorly integrated into the level design. The blue laser wisp for instance, fulfills the same role as the orange rocket, but unlike the latter, there is no point in the game where it's needed to complete a level that is not a boss battle. The problem becomes worse when the wisps that are actually necessary to complete a level control poorly or break the pacing. 

However, while the wisps don't work very well in the normal levels, they are very satisfying to use in the boss battles due having more emphasis on combat then speed or platforming. The bosses are also fairly challenging without being cheap or unfair.



The game takes full advantage of its theme park and outer space environment. the levels are bright, colorful and feature a variety of themes without losing track of where sonic is on the screen or being too gimmicky. The music is very dynamic and will change depending on whats happening on-screen. For example, on the fourth world when the player fall in water, the game will play a different version of the level theme. This also effects the music when the player activates a wisp underwater as well. The graphics of the game are a mix of 2D and 3D graphics that blend seamlessly and set up a fun and vibrant atmosphere. This is also helped by the games excellent score and sound design.




If I had to describe my feelings toward this game in one word, the term "ambivalent" is what comes to mind. The game's visual presentation and music is spot on and Sonic moves and controls extremely well. However, the game is still bogged down by the poor implementation of the wisps, inconsistent pacing, and short length. If you're a Sonic fan or you just want to own both versions I would recommend buying it, but if you only have a casual interest in the sonic series it's definitely worth a rent due to how short the game is.

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