Sonic Lost Worlds

Sonic The Hedgehog

I've been a fan of sonic the Hegdehog since the day I first saw the Blue Blur.  The very first sonic game I played was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the Nintendo Gamecube.  Ever since then I've been eagerly awaiting his next games.  Sure, I was let down a few times (I'm looking at you Sonic 06), but my experience with Sonic has always been a good one.  With 2011's Sonic Generations being one of the best Sonic games for a while, I've been anticipating his next game for quite a while.  Wait, what's this?

Is this a trailer that I see before me?  It is.  A trailer for a brand new Sonic game!  It's here and it looks, well interesting.  It's certainly not bad, as there are no werehogs or white hegdehogs (I would insert a Silver joke here, but it's no use).  It does look to be a bit of a departure from the previous games.  But before we get into the gameplay, let's look at the trailer itself.  The first thing we see are... Chickens?  I see were gonig back to Sonic's roots, with a return to the animals put in danger.  Another sign of returning to the classic Sonic is the return to the Green Hill Zone, or at least that is what it looks like.  Anyways, it appears that the Chicken are under attack by... things.  Wow.  These guys just seem odd to me.  They look like monsters, from old saturday morning cartoons, not a Sonic game.  Granted, it does seem that Sonic is becoming more cartoonish again, with the return to animals and the Green Hill Zone.  But these guys just look weak.  Who knows, maybe I'm underestimating them.  Part of me hopes that these beings have sone thing to do with Dr. Eggman, part of me hopes that they don't.  Anyways, moving on.

These monsters are about to take a bite out of Chicken Little when the fastest thing alive comes to save the day.  Sonic looks just as good as ever, and once again he's out saving the day.  Then we are treated to some gameplay footage and let me just say, I'm excited.  They're clearly trying to go with a slightly different gameplay style, but not overdoing it like Sonic Unleashed.  This game looks like it will be to Sonic Colors what Super Mario Galaxy was to Super Marion Sunshine.  Speaking of Galaxy, doesn't that round level thing kinda look familier?  To be fair, the Soinic series featured 3D planet platforming long before Super Mario Galaxy did, with the Knuckles treasure hunting stages in Sonic Adventure 2.  Although in Sonics case, the controls were terrible.  It appears that the 2D platforming from Sonic Colors and Generations has returned, along with 3D levels.  It looks as though the levels will switch between the two viewpoints, as it did in previous games.  It also looks like the bounce attack may have returned, although it may just be a homing attack.  Sonic also has a new wall running move, which looks pretty cool.  I imagine it might lead to interesting and potentially challanging platforming segments.  Sonic also has a jump kick attack, seen about 56 seconds in.  He is seen pulling himself on to a legde, ala Sonic Adventure 2.  I will say that the level design does look very good.  Finally, we learn the name of this new threat, the Deadly Six.  Very creative.

After watching the trailer, I do see a few problems, namely the antagonists, but other then that the game does look very promising.  Just make sure it controls as smoothly as Generations and it's good to go.  I look forward to Sonic Lost Worlds, due out later this year.