Sonic Scrubber is an innovative company that started back in 2003, creating helpful seening products that were sold on television, and then in major stores. Today they continue to manufacture and sell their "As seen on TV" products, which includes a variety of different handheld cleaning scrubber tools. They currently offer products to help clean your kitchen, your bathroom, house in general and then one specifically designed for cleaning cars, motors and other vehicles or parts. That tool is the Sonic Scrubber Pro-Detailer Power Cleaning tool.

The Pro-detailer Sonic Scrubber System comes already with a medium head brush attached on it. What this tool offers you is a powerful lightweight, handheld scrubber. It's brush oscillates at rapid speed to help reduce cleaning time needed, and also save your elbow grease from those tough jobs. The brushes allow you to do that back and forth scrubbing needed on various projects. The brush will work great with cleaning solutions, so you can spray them on the dirty area and scrub away that grime. Additionally, you can purchase a 4-pack of pro-detailer cleaning brushes to swap in different sized or styles of brush for different cleaning jobs.

In addition to the medium sized brush head, the SonicScrubber Pro-detailer tool also comes with 4 AA batteries, which is what enables it to be cordless and fully powered. Obviously 4 AA batteries won't give you the power of other power tools, but it gets the job done for what it offers you. Some cleaning jobs require that extra detail, and this item really will get into those tight spots with its angled head. What I like most about this tool is that it was inexpensive at under $10 on clearance, offers a variety of uses, is lightweight and easy to handle. Many other tools tend to be bulky or cumbersome, but this is truly handheld and light. It's brush heads easly twist off, so you can interchange them as needed too. I've found many uses for the item around the home including cleaning appliances and bathrooms as well as tiling.

Basically you can use this handy little tool in your garage on the cars for detailing jobs, such as the rims, inside the car, and even on the engine parts if needed. You could also use it for other jobs around the house as well, making it a versatile little item to own. Add in the fact it's lightweight and has a nice comfortable grip on it, and you've got yourself an inexpensive yet effective cleaning tool!