Crest Intelliclean

Features Of The Sonicare Crest Intelliclean:

You may have thought that toothbrush technology had gone as far as it could go.  There are only so many ways to arrange the bristles of a toothbrush, and Sonicare electric toothbrushes have been dominating toothbrush innovation since 1992.  With some Sonicare Elite electric toothbrushes vibrating their bristles at of 31,000 stokes per minute, you have to wonder how brushing could become any more convenient.  Look no further than the Sonicare Crest Intelliclean to begin delivering toothpaste directly into the bristles for the fastest, most convenient toothbrush ever seen.  With the simple push of a button, the correct amount of specially formulated liquid toothpaste is injected into the bristles vibrating at an incredible rate.

As the first Sonicare toothbrush to deliver toothpaste directly to the bristles, the Sonicare Crest Intelliclean also boasts a number of other impressive features.  First, it has an “easy start” function that slowly ramps up the power of the Sonicare technology over a period of 14 uses so that you can become accustomed to the incredible cleaning power.  Starting off with full power can cause minor discomfort on the gums and lips if you do not have a high tolerance for change.  Secondly, the Sonicare Crest Intelliclean features a smart-timer on/off switch which automatically shuts the device off after the recommended brushing time of 2 minutes.  This motivates you to stick with the recommended brushing time, because you know exactly when it has been two minutes.

Benefits Of The Sonicare Crest Intelliclean System:

The primary benefit of all Sonicare electric toothbrushes is the fact that they are clinically proven to clean teeth better than a traditional toothbrush.  Sonicare guarantees that tobacco, tea, and coffee stains on your teeth will be reduced in 28 days or less, or your money back.  Sonicare crest intelliclean brushes are also proven to reduce plaque up to 20% more than a traditional toothbrush all while having softer bristles which are better for your teeth and gums.  

The secondary benefit of the sonicare crest intelliclean system is the toothpaste dispensing toothbrush feature.  Having toothpaste delivered directly to the bristles more evenly spreads the toothpaste cleaning your teeth more thoroughly.  The crest intelliclean also has two modes of operation, one high speed and one low speed.  Use the high speed setting for optimal brushing, and the low speed to gently clean sensitive areas in your mouth.  

Sonicare Intelliclean Brush Heads:

If you already have the Sonicare Crest Intelliclean, then about every three months you should buy replacement brush heads to contain bacteria build up, as well as keep bristles working at their optimal density.  You may also need to purchase specially designed liquid toothpaste dispensing tubes from Crest that are designed to fit in the handle of the unit.  

The Sonicare Crest Intelliclean electric toothbrush has been discontinued.  Although you can still purchase replacement sonicare brush heads, and crest liquid toothpaste refills, a great alternative to the Intelliclean system is the Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with Sanitizer.  It features many of the same benefits, however it also includes a UV Sanitizing base station that kills 99% of bacteria while your brush is not being used.