Sonicare Replacement Brushes

Benefits of Sonicare Replacement Brushes:

Introduced in 1992, the Sonicare electric toothbrushes revolutionized the dental industry with it’s supersonic vibrations rotating each of the bristles individually rather than the traditional toothbrush which turned all of the bristles in unison.  The result was a product that would eventually be clinically proven to reduce the appearance of coffee and tea stains on the teeth, remove plaque more effectively than manual brushing, and even reduce the risk of harmful diseases like gingivitis.  If you are thinking about purchasing new Sonicare replacement brushses then you are already one of the 10 million people who enjoy the clean and healthy feeling Sonicare electric toothbrushes leave in their mouths.  

In order to keep you mouth as clean as possible it is suggested you buy Sonicare replacement brushes about every three months.  Just like a normal toothbrush, using your Sonicare electric toothbrush head for more than suggested reduces it’s effectiveness and can potentially store bacteria that can lead other issues.  An exception to the rule, if you currently suffer from gum disease or gingivitis, it is recommended you replace your electric toothbrush head every 4-6 weeks or as recommended by your dentist.  

Types of Sonicare Toothbrush Repleacement Heads:

Since there are so many different models of Sonicare electric toothbrushes, choosing the correct head for your model can be overwhelming.  

Did you know? - The newest Philips Sonicare toothbrush vibrates at over 31,000 strokes per minute.  The average time spent brushing your teeth with a traditional brush is only 46 seconds...  

Sonicare E-Series Replacement Brush Head - Compatible with the Essence, Elite, and Advance model handles, the Sonicare replacement brushes (e-series) are designed for the entry level electric toothbrushes.  They have one large bristle pattern that vibrates.

Philips Sonicare ProResults Brush Heads - The Pro Results Sonicare replacement brushes are designed to fit the more environmentally friendly Sonicare HealthyWhite, and Flexcare.  By containing all of the mechanics of the brush movement into the handle itself, replacement heads use less plastic and cost less.  

Specialty Replacement Brushes - To make things even more confusing, there are multiple Sonicare replacement brush designs for each type of toothbrush handle.  Depending on your preference of size and density of bristle, you can find the perfect replacement for your electric toothbrush.  

Sonicare Flexcare and UV Sanitizer:

While you are replacing your toothbrush head, you may want to consider extending the life, and health of your future brushes by purchasing a UV sanitizer built for your Sonicare electric toothbrush.  Costing less than $25, a UV sanitizer unit kills 99% of bacteria on your brush heads and the handle of your electric toothbrush with the single push of a button.  Not only does it keep your mouth cleaner, it also extends the life of your Sonicare replacement brushes by eliminating the bacteria growth on them.  

Representing studies at over 40 universities and labs worldwide, Sonicare is the #1 dentist recommended brand of electric toothbrush.  Keep yourself safe and healthy by ordering Sonicare replacement brushes quarterly to avoid unnecessary bacteria growth on the device you put in your mouth three times a day.